Canada cup- LIVE!

Flyslip manages to track down an online link to the game, as with all games played in Canada the coverage is exceptional.

Ok, Zimbabwe currently going at 56-3, some random black dudes on strike. Looks like I logged in at the right time as Splendid Mendis comes on.

First ball, confusion, did that spin left or right, Im not sure. No one is. Switch hit, missed. Mendis all over the Zimbies.

4 balls, all missed. The look on the batsmen in priceless.

The info bar at the bottom tells me the maximum number of overs is 17, there was a bit of rain around it seems.

GONE! Mendis strikes with his last ball. Playing the outside off line , ball hits leg stump.

New chap, Dilhara Lokuhettige comes on. 2020 Specialist. All rounder, for the non wise. Plays for a club called Moors back home. Bowls some handy Medium pacers.

Splendid back on, more confusion follows. This guy is genius. And he’s hit for a boundary.

77-5 Mendis strikes again, cought behind, easy as you like. Some of these Zimbabwe techniques are appaling.

Fair crowd in, people tell me there is a big Sri Lankan community in Canada, I believe them.

The best technique shown is for the switch hit, but they dont connect, so whatever.

Vass no2, aka Thilan Thushara runs in. Gets hit for 4. Zim 82-6.

Ground looks okay, for a Canadian venue.

Hussey plays a forward defensive, my stream is buffering so Im watching Ind v Aus H/Ls.

Streams back on.
Huge cow corner hit. Takes the edge, trickles to short third.

2 overs left to go. Mark Nicolous mentions Mendis as one of the best young players in the world.

Something happens to the stream and everything I watched rewinds in fast mode.

Maharoof runs, and gets stuck. Not literally, but its my stream see. So he is stuck in a weird posistion. Looks like hes looking at his finger and meditating.

Streams back, wickets gone, no fucking Idea what happened.Oh a replay. Its Splendid, this time stumped.

Big hit!!! In the air, out. Mendis has 4
This is slaughter. 97-8.

Sanath will score this in like 3 overs or something..

Last over coming up. RR is 6 something. Useless.

Dilhara Fernando has the ball. His hair looks dodgy. Cross between Saibaba and and an Afro.

100 up, 104-8.

All over 106-8. Easy as.

Should be a peach for the Lions.

Stay tuned. Ill report on the reply if my stream holds.


  1. Cecu said:

    Absolutely Splendid! Loved the bit where your streaming went hahahaha and we had a quick glimpsette of the Aus/India marathon.

    Can confirm large Sri Lankan settlement in Canada – have some lovely Lanky friends on facebook who have commandeered the world’s supply of exclamation marks so they can post about the loveliness of their heroes (Broad and Cook)

    October 10, 2008
  2. Damith S. said:

    Ceci, Glad you enjoyed it. Watching the cricket on streams must be one of the most frustrating things known to man. Specially when your links go dead.

    Yes, Ive heard about said contingent. Eyebrows and the showpony are quite the superstars these days arnt they.

    Did you become a fan of the flyslip on fb ?

    October 10, 2008
  3. JD said:

    hi what’s the site your watching the live stream from?

    October 12, 2008

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