Glorious Basterds

Well Done England. Well done indeed.

Its been a crazy summer. My first hand experience in living in one of the Ashes countries as it were. I don’t know if its just me or not but the Ashes loss doesn’t seem to be a huge deal here in Australia or maybe Im not watching the right channels or reading the right websites.

I guess its a different sort of passion to the one shown in the sub continent.

Either way, Englands win yesterday was the final justification to the claim Australia are no longer the shit. But rather quite shit themselves.

As Jrod points out, neither one of these sides are very good teams. Both have some class players in them but that hasnt really led to brilliant or breathtaking cricket.

It was a series of odd ball performances but crucially for England all of them went their way.

From Anderson and Monty in Cardiff

To Freddie at Lords

And Swann and Broad at the Oval.

When the game hung in the balance someone stepped up. Usually from England, and that made all the difference.

The cricket wasn’t quite as brilliant as in 2005. But it was still pretty good.  We mightn’d have been treated to the brilliance of Warne or Mcgrath but we have possibly seen the rise of Broad and Swann. Add to that of Siddle, Hilfenhaus and North.

We have seen how a good test side becomes an average test side without a quality spinner.

And just how much we will miss big Super Freddie Flintoff.

I think its fair to say England are deserving winners. They played the better cricket and took the game away from Australia when it hung in the balance.

For Strauss and his men its been a glorious summer.

For the Aussies and Ponting another long hard soul searching period.


  1. Rat said:

    Ponting would love to hear that the loss is not a big deal…… Somehow I feel it will be a big deal when he returns! If I’m not mistaken he was to return home for a few weeks before the ODIs!! He may consider a change of plans……

    August 25, 2009

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