I spot fixed and lived to tell the tale

Whoa, settle down ACSU. We were just kidding around. A joke really. Yes we know it’s not very funny.

You cant even say the words Spot Fixing at an airport anymore. Not unless you wanted some of your private spots examined by an airport security official with a deadpan look on their face. It’s just not on. See what happened to that Butt fella and his friends.

We certainly couldnt do it. It just sounds like a lot of work.

First, you need to know some dodgy characters. Or rather they have to find you. That is not easy. Not for them to find us. But for you to get them to find you. Then you would need a multitude of mobile phones and use them to make lots of phone calls. We don’t like getting on the phone to anyone.  Texting. Coordinating. Trying to convince others.

And all this while having to attend nets and oil your bat.

Even then, can you imagine trying to remember when to bowl a no ball. We would probably be so paranoid about not forgetting that we would forget to remember. We are like that.

Crime doesn’t pay. And certainly not those that involve so much work. Don’t do it kids. Stay in school. Learn Mathematics and become proficient in the use of a protractor.


  1. Chavie said:

    haha 😀 well said.

    November 3, 2011
  2. Hollow Point said:

    I don’t recognize these sham verdicts of some kangaroo court in Southwark (really, even the name sounds fake; has anyone actually been there?).

    If you want real, unbiased, swift justice, I suggest the proceedings be moved to SL. Of course the defendants must make sure they don’t even consider trying to escape while in custody……

    November 4, 2011

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