Prince Kandamby and King Dhoni

The flyslips wanted Kandamby in the team for a while.

Yesterday he showed you why.

There is no better time to show the world and more importantly your self how good you are than when your team is 3-36.

That’s not true, its cool if you can show it when you are 6-5 too.

Kandamby worked with the crisis he was faced – batting with Mahela.

It wasn’t as if he was batting with King Sanga or a Jayasuriya marching a long and ticking the runs over.

He was batting with a player who had no confidence in himself, a captain who had scored 129 runs in 13 innings and who once again looked dodgy.

He was playing arguably the best ODI team in the world. Against the best guy with a (C) next to his name.

Kandamby nudged and prodded, tried to work singles and failed.

It was a tough innings and you could sense that both batsmen were fighting for their lives out in the middle. I know. I was there.

After the initial battle with Zaheer and Ishant the spinners came on and Kandamby came into his own. He started to work the singles, rotate the strike and beefing up his confidence.

And when Mahela fell, he dint panic. He kept working hard, guiding Kapugedara along.

Through the whole match Ishant looked like a demon on stilts. He got vicious bounce from his height, he kept up a good length and Dhoni was smart enough to keep him for a 4 over spell at the death.

When the batting PP was called I was happy if we just saw him off. Kandamby had other ideas.

He guided yorkers and full toses to the fence. He pulled him over mid wicket and smacked him straight.

At the start Kandamby was striking at less than 50. In the end he upped that to 70+.

It was an innings SL have missed from their number 5 for years.

It was one innings but Kandamby seems like the man to show us the way.

Dhoni’s a king

So he says here. Dhoni has built up a reputation as a very cool captain.

Yesterday Kandamby put that to the test. Dhoni failed.

What you dint see during the commercial breaks was Dhoni in constant consultation with bowlers and cursing at fielders who misfielded or did something stupid.

Dhoni was put in the pressure cooker and boy did he hot up.

There were times when he lost his cool with Ishant as well. Apparently for not bowling to his field.

He also went onto say that everyone cracks under pressure. Of course they do but its how you handle it that sets you apart.

And yesterday he dint handle it at all.

The only good thing that can be said is that it shows he wants to win every game and doesnt like losing.

Cant argue with that.

Lets see if this was a one off, he is still young and has a ways to go.

Personally Id love to see ‘The King’ fuck up again.


  1. Sachintha said:

    Man Kandambi is the man!
    What a knock it was!

    February 2, 2009
  2. Homer said:

    He can fuck up as much as he wants as long as we win.

    February 2, 2009
  3. Maithreyi said:

    Ha ha, got to agree with Homer there.

    Cut the dude some slack, though. Still a ways to go, things still to prove.

    February 2, 2009
  4. Leela said:

    Singh IS king.

    February 2, 2009
  5. Megha said:

    OMG…..did you actually question Dhoni’s cool quotient? Wait till I tell the other girls…your site is going down damith! 😉

    on a serious note…it is ok to lose it once in a while…we are all human after all…am with Homer here..

    February 2, 2009
  6. damiths said:

    To all > See when the pressure is off Singh is King !

    Bah, Im gutted about todays performance, what a useless rubble of shit we put up today !!

    Megha> There are more girls reading the blog ? Give me their numbers and I shall apologize personally….

    February 3, 2009
  7. Kesh said:

    dhoni did fuck up with pathan in the early days remember damith lol…..

    love the way ended the article nice one…

    he looks normal without that long hair…pathan just adores him with that hair style

    February 4, 2009

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