SL v NZ 2nd test, day 1

Sri Lanka.


That just redefined snails pace. In this age of 400 in a day SL crawled, rolled (slowly) to less than 270.

Sure the Kiwis bowled well but by god, you are a better man than us if you didn’t get in some nice microsleeps through the day.

Mahela 79 at 37.That was so slow that Tilan batted at a better rate than him. There is setting up an innings and then there is batting so slow that it nearly puts yourself to sleep. Maybe Mahela was half a sleep himself.

Steady end to the day after yet another poor start. Might be in trouble if the Kiwis get enough wickets early tomorrow.


A decent start but long dragged out end to the day. By  bowling well they have kept themselves in the hunt even though they only picked up 3 wickets.

2 more early tomorrow and they are well into a long SL tail.

Kudos to Vetorri for his 300th.

All in all it was a struggle for the Kiwis to get any action from a docile pitch and should count themselves lucky that Dilshan didn’t stick around for long.

Bore of the day

Mahela – No modern test batsmen should bat this slow. Specially in the subcontinent on a pitch like that.

This should only happen if you are shit. Or Dravid

Play of the day

Vetorris 300. The highlight in an otherwise monumentally unspectacular day. King Sanga is not a bad no 300 either.


  1. Sach said:

    Well I knew Dilly is not going to score big this time. I’m sure he wanted another 100, and got some ‘advice’ from other too so as to try and bat ‘sensibly’.
    And there went his 100.

    Regarding strike rates, did you know that actually Thilan has batted with a better strike rate than both Mahela and Sanga since last year?
    Here are the stats for three of them, since the start of 2008 upto now.

    Mahela – 52.63
    Sanga – 48.62
    Thilan – 58.16

    So maybe you should find someone else to compare Mahela with.

    August 27, 2009
  2. Chavie said:

    good thing I missed it! 😀 lol

    August 27, 2009
  3. insideEdge said:

    What kind of idiocy was it for SL to keep batting on and on and on for Mahela to miss a hundred. NZ must be laughing they only have 4.5 sessions to bat specially with bad weather expected.

    I really thought Sanga was a more professional captain than to let his buddy chase another hundred at a potential cost to the team.

    August 29, 2009

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