SL v NZ, day 1

New Zealand

Couldn’t have asked for a better start. But by lunch Dilshan had taken the initiative away from them.

As predicted it was the Kiwi fastmen who caused strife throughout the day. They just didnt bowl full enough to worry the SL batsmen. They did bowl well but just the wrong length.

Vettori and Patel. Useless.

Looking down the barrel already after 3 sessions, will need 3 early wickets to get back into it tommorow morning.

Sri Lanka

0-1, 16-2 and then Dilshan just went mad. Dilshans reputation has sky rocketed in the last 6 months or so and is basically playing like Sehwag in SL clothing.

You have to admire these players who back them selves in all forms of the game to play in that singular way.  For Dilshan its coming off more than its not and SL you cant ask for more.

Tilan once again did his thing. He’s got the supporting actor role down to the T.

And Mahela eased him self into another home test hundred. But for someone who averages 89 at Galle with 5 100s this was hardly surprising.

The middle order were hardly tested as they kept piling on the runs without too much pressure. They played the spinners with ease and the quick bowling with care.

Tommorow should prove to be another good day for them, unless the Kiwis pull out something special.

Play of the day

Jesse Ryder bowling, with a huff and a puff, but he couldn’t bowl anyone out .

Balls of the day

Dilshan, 92 off 78 with the team on 16-2. Can yall hear the clang of  those balls ?

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