Sri Lanka, most likely to loose their balls in the 2020 WC

Following on from your comeback theme, we bring back a much loved segment of our blog. ‘The most likely to loose their balls’.

We know all you bastards out there have been craving to find out who will indeed be left, testicularly-compromised, so we give you the run down of the SL team. A team dear to my heart and balls.

3. Jayasuriya

It pains us to put the great man on this list. unfortunately, Sanath has not been himself of late. In a format you’d think was tailor made for him, he has struggled. Perhaps, ironically, the short format is taking a bigger toll on his wrinkly body than the other forms of the game.

Why? He struggles against the moving ball and in SA and in the IPL this was all too clear to see. He looked consistently troubled in the warm ups and unusually sedate.

We are hoping sanath proves us wrong. Cuz when he does its in a blaze of orgasmic 6s and 4s. But the signs are not good and we expect him to loose 1/2  a ball.

Leaving him with a peculiar 1 and half nuts.

2.Chamara Silva

Remember him from 2006, wiping the Australians to all parts in their own backyard ?No ? Well that might be because it was around 3 years ago and he has been out of the team for a while.

From the evidence of the SA game, it looks like he didn’t spend that time doing much learning. His flaw has always been outside the off stump, in picking which one to hit and which one to let go. Most often he believes they can all be hit to the boundary. The law of averages suggests that this type of thinking can work – if you are Virender Sehwag.


The conditions and the pressure on Silva, might be too hot for him to handle. Coming back into the side, its his chance to prove a point or be cast into the wilderness again.

We will say 1 nut less. But we reserve the right to dislodge a further half nut.

1. ‘Calamity’ Jehan Mubarak

Mubarak has sidestepped a few rising stars in the domestic set up in sri lanka. and in the process tripped over himself many a time. whether it involved running himself out, like he did against South Africa, or dobbing a catch to short third man, like he did against Bangladesh, trouble seems to follow Jehan like a shadow.

‘Calamity’ Jehan, we dont believe, posses the technique required to do well in England against two attacks (Aus 7 WI) that is bound to get him in a tangle.

The most interesting factor about his batting will be how he gets out.


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  1. 12th Man said:

    Not many columnists are giving Sri Lanka a semi-final chance. But all that is required is one good game ahead of the semi-finals. Who knows, Sanath may come good then.

    June 6, 2009

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