Sri Lanka only manage 400 in a day

Sri Lanka managed only 400 runs on day 2 of the 4 day game being passed off as a ‘cricket match’

I had my money on 600 and have lost good money and Im pissed a hell.

Sangakkara was the worst offender as he only managed 174 at a insipid strike rate of close to 70.

He was partnered in this negative cricket debacle by young Chamara Kapugedara as he complied even a slower 100.

But the tone was set early Upul Tharanga when he went all Boycottesque in scoring his half century.

Sri Lanka only lead by a paltry 300 runs with two whole days remaining.

This game is still wide open.


  1. Sachintha said:

    Read my last post. Now you have to post same thing about you and tag another three bloggers and let them know. It’s fun!

    November 14, 2008
  2. ©hinaman said:

    Hiya, look at it this way, this series is bringing US$ 218,101 to you cash strapped Cricket Board.

    With every $ the team earns elsewhere, its one less chance of SLC being shackled by BCCI money.

    From us fans’ point of view – this is disappointing – but for ‘cricket ‘ as it is being ‘controlled’ – this is a good thing, and I find some value in this match.

    November 14, 2008
  3. damiths said:

    china> That is a lot of money. Maybe we should play ZIM more 😛

    I dont agree with their (Zimbabwes) politics. But who am I to speak when so much is wrong back home as well.

    This is actually the warm up game. Im wondering what the point is of playing a 4 day game in preparation for an ODI series as well.

    I’d love it if ZIM can be competitive but its unlikely

    November 14, 2008
  4. scorpicity said:

    SL playing? with whom? Jeez pardon my ignorance.

    Eh… very sorry… no offense but am amused at chinaman… again that old story link. Dude, no offense, read that article again and those numbers… what do you see in the real context of your comments.

    Or are you Tunga himself masquerading.

    November 14, 2008
  5. ©hinamman said:

    @ scorpicity,
    I really do not understand why you find my comment amusing.

    That is not an “old story” – that was the forecast of the amount of revenue that SLC could earn in this financial year if they played the series on the FTP or any new series they could arrange.

    This is money earned by playing, not taking money from BCCI to release their players every year for 10 years to play for their own benefit only from the IPL..

    I quoted that link because that has the figures.
    I can substantiate my comment with another 37 links to web articles I have read and have bookmarked on this issue.

    I do not know who you support, but a true SL fan will never want their board to give in to BCCI strongarming just because the board is in a cash crisis.

    I am an Indian fan, yet I applaud Ranatunga. He is (boldly) taking SLC where BCCI does not want it to go.

    Few thing in life comes for free.
    NOTHING ever comes for free from BCCI.

    So please have a think about it,
    before you laugh again.

    November 14, 2008
  6. Ceci said:

    I’m just sorry that the Lankan players won’t be coming over in the spring to wallop England (although of course we will all be convinced that no matter how badly we fare against the Indians and the WIs a renaissance is just around the corner…) For goodness sake I NEED to see Sangakkara and Splendid Mendis!

    November 14, 2008
  7. Dave said:

    I echo your disappointment, Ceci. I’m pretty sure we would get walloped, though. It was bad enough when we only had Murali to worry about!

    November 14, 2008
  8. damiths said:

    Scorpi and China> As a true SL fan Id love it if we could be independent from the BCCI, but I worry that if we were to turn our backs on the BCCI would the rest of the world follow ?

    Or would we become the odd one out that no one supports.

    November 14, 2008
  9. damiths said:

    Ceci and Dave> To be honest I have No idea what is going to happen to that Eng tour at the moment.

    I really hope its not canceled.

    I doubt Murali would even get a bowl !

    November 14, 2008
  10. scorpicity said:

    My apologies Chinaman if I have offended you.

    It was amusing on that part of strong-arm tactics because every other report shows that it is Tunga who is delivering under the belt.

    Since your comment was similar to the one in this post

    Where I have given my take in that post, which perhaps many doesn’t know since it is not covered very well by the media.

    Let me address here each of the issues debated on both these posts.

    1. Tunga’s love for test cricket and his hatred for ‘instant-noodles’. You can visit that post where I have given some detailed facts. In short,

    Tunga wants to play stanfords if the price is right! So much for the noodles.

    Tunga got opportunities to play test cricket with Pakistan. Again, only the price was not right… and what an unfair price considering the prices are fixed.

    Here is Pakistan out in the cold when SL tries to arm-twist them to pay more if you want us to play. With what will they pay so much?

    In the recent ICC meeting, SL reps kept quiet when the rest were kicking Pakistan out of the spectrum. Outside the meeting, they said, “we are with you Pakistan”. I hope you are aware of Butt’s outburst on that.

    2. Tunga had asked BCCI’s help for the financial crisis. The BCCI obliged. The first part of the link you posted is very significant.

    When the series was going on, Tunga had announced that SL board was back in the green, due to all the TV rights, soft-loans agreements. The projection was nothing… it was very successful.

    3. On the IPL, the BCCI had got prior permission from all the boards to host it in this window. Even in the case of the FIRST IPL EDITION, they were again two-faced…. this the SL players have highlighted in this article very recently.

    4. With regard to the ENG-SL tour, there was already one in discussion earlier, regarding the India-SA-SL tri series. You can read about it here.

    This was in the pipeline even before the ECB asked the SL board.

    As far as England goes, their needs are simple.

    They canceled their tour of Zimbabwe. Under their TV rights contract with Sky, there is a series vaccant and if they don’t give Sky a series, they loose a lot of MUUUUUUNEY.

    There is a window for the ECB during december and early jan. Why is it that this series is not being played then, when it won’t affect anybody. The ECB doesn’t want to and the SLC is not even pushing for it!

    For the ECB, it works fine because they get to score, scuttle brownie points over the BCCI’s IPL and satisfy their contractual needs at the same time.

    So taking all of this under consideration, what do you think this is about.

    1. Is it money alone for a cash strapped board? HA, that’s a laugh because it is only the overlay. The overlay is indeed genuine on the cash strap.

    But then, there are opportunities to make that money with Pakistan and India-SA with that tri-series, isn’t it?

    2. Dig deeper. So what is the real crux of this issue? Ugly board politics.

    The SL Board under Tunga wants to align with the ECB and WI… as simple as that. Now go back to those links and these comments and stitch it all together. That reluctance to engage with India or Pakistan.

    Is this wise? Every country has the right to do things independently… no doubt. However, am asking all Sri Lankan fans to understand what really is happening and then contemplate whether it is the way forward… that’s all.

    In the past till the current, the BCCI-SL had a great relationship between them helping out each other. Has everyone forgotten the witch hunt by those opposing boards to remove Sri Lanka as a test nation. Has everyone forgotten how often and with what attitude did these boards grace their presence to play with Sri lanka? Does anyone remember all the ruckus which happened when Sri Lanka was to stage the world cup?

    Ha…. who are your friends? SL can align with ECB or other blocks but remember the past… when the first sign of trouble comes, they will the first to break ‘bolts’ record.

    It is also for you to understand that Tunga can do whatever he pleases as the head of the board. But how long will Tunga be there in his tenure. What happens next? Are you going to allow collateral damage that may affect ties for a long time well after he is gone. Who looses then?

    there… am beginning to sound like a paid member of the BCCI. Sorry folks… all I want is the SL fan to fully understand what is going on and then take their decisions.

    November 15, 2008

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