Sri Lanka stagger home

A bit overdue but new year festivities bring down the best of us.

Bangladesh – had too much time to think.

Before lunch no one gave Bangladesh a chance but then they got close and they had 40 mins to stew about an impossible win. 148 out and the P’ship looking good, the lunch break came at the wrong time.

Ashraful played a brilliant knock but his dismissal straight after the 100 showed immaturity. As a captain he let the side down when he got out.  For Bangladesh to have won he needed to push on.

Sakin and Rahim played to a plan before lunch and had Mahela sweating. The nerves showed after the break, Sakib was chasing wide ones and looking dodgy.

Once he got out the rest rolled over under the pressure for 10 runs.

This is now becoming a familiar trend for the Bangladeshi’s , 2 or 3 times this year they got into similiar situations and then let the pressure swallow them whole.

Bad habits die hard.

Sri Lanka– limped, staggered home.

Sri Lanka set 521 and then went about setting defensive fields to see just how close Bangladesh would get.

Even on the 5th day Murali bowled without a slip and boundaries were leaked to 3rd man, who was also missing.

As well as Bangladesh batted Sri Lanka allowed them to do so.

This is something Mahela seriously needs to address. This defensive hole he’s fallen into is pissing all over Sri Lanka’s chance to dominate and win.

Dhammika Prasad impresses with each game. With the new ball he was lively, and on day 5 after lunch with the noose really tightening around the Sri Lankan’s he got the ball to reverse.

His radar is a bit off but he was menacing and we love it when he gets the crazy eyes on him.

Did we mention Murali got his 22nd 10fer in game ?

Make merry while Mendis is out is his policy these days.

Play of the day.

Dhammika Prasads match winning spell.

Fast, swing and menacing when he got it on line.

Plus he doesn’t hold back when he gets a wicket. Cant argue with that.


  1. Leela said:

    Happy New Year Dammith. Hope this is the year that Splendid Mendis takes over the world… at least for your sake. 😉

    January 2, 2009
  2. Sam said:

    Dammith, i m damn sure Mendis would benefit more if he foxes and willes Pakies, Aussies, Safs and Poms than BDs, Zims, Kiwis or Windies……..

    Now BD have ennsured that likes of Murali, MJ and others wont boost their batting / bowling averages the way they have been doing all this yrs!!

    January 2, 2009
  3. Sam said:

    BD would be back to the their normal service next test….

    and where BD lies today is not hidden, they have yet to earn an invite to India for full test series and now English team has said they dont want BD to tour them!!

    January 2, 2009
  4. damiths said:

    Cheers Leela 🙂 Hopefully Splendid will rout Pakistan as well 🙂

    Sam> I also wanna see Splendid tested against these quality teams just that we are not getting any proper test series right now. Its a real shame

    January 3, 2009

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