The trans-tasman affair

Its funny how countries that are next to each other seem to throw up some of the most fierce battles in cricket.

India have Pakistan.

Sri Lanka have India.

South Africa have Zimbabwe.

And then there is Australia and New Zealand.

When these two play all sorts of things are on the line.

-the most beer consumption in the crowd
-who is better with at sledging
-who has the baddest tats
-who has the hottest WAG

and of course the crickets kinda important too.

When Australia play New Zealand, they dont really play the real New Zealand. The one that cant play swing bowling or cant pick the difference between Murali and Malinga and are constantly engaged in a¬† battle for the coveted ‘no1 chocker¬† in the world’ tag with SA on a yearly basis.

No the NZ that turns up for a Australia game is completely different.

They actually think they can win a game. Imagine that.
They’ve even gone as far as to jump on the ‘Australia are vulnerable’ bangwagon.

Dan Vetorris been telling his batsmen that they need to score ‘runs’ to compete.
Tommorow he’s scheduled to tell his bowlers that they need ‘wickets’ to win.

This is why we love Daniel. He is a shrewd thinker.

Things look good for NZ on paper.

They just beat Bangladesh

Australia just LOST to India.

But then NZ lost to NSW, but thats just a warm up so who cares.

However, NZ arent going to be playing the real Australia either. Not those world beating, cocky bastards who we’ve all come to love.

They will be playing the Aussie team that just lost a series. And that is just the team NZ do not want to be facing at the moment.

Australia play well when they are on top. But when they have just lost.

Symonds just back from his fishing trip. So he is fresh meat.
Pontings been pushed to breaking point. Which usually means a double hundred is around the corner.

But you feel for NZ to do well and actually win, they would need a lot of things to go for them.

And for a lot of things to go wrong for Australia.

That’s what I wrote just before the test match started and forgot to publish it.

Things change a lot in a couple of days.

NZ did have things go their way. But then had an almighty brain fart and lost the advantage they gained.

Then Australia. Its like a boxing match with punches thrown in all directions

A four or two and then a wicket. Drama.

I love test matches with low scores. Usually when a game ends in 3 days it means one sides been totally out played. But here its completely different.

Both sides have found the adjustment from sub continental pitches very hard to deal with.

Krab Katich holds the keys and what an inspired spell by Martin late on today.

After those boring test matches in India this is exactly what we needed.

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