Tier A Preview: SSC

I have been long since intending to do a domestic preview. Living away from home doesn’t help this cause. Having next to no access to match information is another.

Since many of you are probably alien to the domestic set up in SL, I will make an analogy to your teams to a county or state team in Australia so that you get the general idea of how that team is perceived back home.

Our system is much like the English county system, with two ‘Tiers A, B’. One team gets relegated and another promoted at the end of the season.

Of course this may not happen this year since some fuckers decided the relegated team wont be demoted. No one knows why.

Understandably the other teams aren’t happy about this. 18 of the 20 teams are threatening to boycott. So these previews might end up being the most useless time Ive spent blogging.

Any who, Tier A is where all the shit goes down and like Division 2 in England , no one gives a stuff about Tier B.

SSC are the undisputed King of the jungle when it comes to Sri Lankan domestic cricket. A whole heap of National starts are bred on this infamous club.

They are what NSW is to Australia. Half the national team is from the SSC and which is extremely annoying.

Last year the reins weren’t exactly stable. Avishka Gunewardene was the captain for the season, he later joined the ICL so SLC dint really like that too much.

Then Sri Lankans very own Probot extraordinaire, Thilan Samaraweera got the nod, but he too left for international duty and more probotting around the world.

The keg fell to Tharanga Paranavitana, and he led the team to Tier A victory as they regained the Tier A championship from Colombo Cricket Club.

This year though, Id like to see the captaincy go to Thilina Kandamby, who has led the A team with distinction and is proving himself to be a strong candidate for the job.


The top 2 run scorers for last season came from SSC.

In Paranavitana and Jeewan Mendis they have strong opening pair. The middle order is solid with players like Kandamby, Kaushal Silva coming into their own in the A team in recent times.

Big numbers are on the cards.


23 year old off spinner Sachithra Senanayake was the only bowler to get 50 wickets in Tier A. A repeat of the same dose is expected.

Backed up by current internationals Thilal Thushara and Dammika Prasad, SSC can expect a few early wickets on a consistent basis. Prasads big made and fires it at a quick pace, and Thusharas in your face attitude and left armers add great variety.

Kaushal Lokkuarrachi offers the leg spin option.

SSCs got all the bases covered.

Right of Passage
In Shalika Karunanayake, SSC has a player who has come up through the ranks. A star in the U-19 team this will the season he takes things by the balls.

At 21 hes still plying his trade. A genuine medium pacer and a strong batsmen I expect consistent and dominant performances from the kid all season as he grows his pubes and enters into manhood.

Sachithra Sennayake was a sensation last season with 50 wickets. More of the same pls Sachithra.

Tier A- 1st or 2nd.


  1. nestaquin said:

    Excellent stuff. The world needs to learn more about Sri Lanka and their cricket especially.

    I can’t wait to find out which team is the Tasmanaia of Sri Lanka!

    October 20, 2008
  2. Damith S. said:

    nesta> Thanks! Here I was thinking no one cared.

    Problem is there are 20 teams. Ill be damned if I profile all of them.

    But I will give a preview to the big teams 🙂

    October 20, 2008

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