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Hello Friends

I’m Damith. I’m a product manager, cricket blogger, and dad. While I enjoy writing about all of those topics, this blog houses all of my writings on cricket.

I started my blog way back in 2008 and it grew to become semi-famous in the underground cricket blogging spheres. And I do mean underground. It did well enough, however, to land me a few cool writing gigs related to cricket.

Published Work

Below are a few links to all of my published doodles on cricket.

On ESPNCricinfo, the biggest cricket journalism platform in the world, I was published several times over

For Wisden India, I covered Sri Lanka’s abysmal 2015 World Cup campaign.

Note – Wisden India is now defunct as it was absorbed into the wider Wisden family of websites so the links to those articles can only be found via the Wayback Machine. I’ve since published them directly on the blog as well.

I also wrote a few articles for The Papare and The Roar, both Sri Lankan sports websites


I also hosted an infamously sporadic podcast with Andrew Fernando (ESPNCricinfo’s Sri Lanka correspondent) for a while.

The Blog

Outside of those, you can check out the regular programming over at my blog. Regular as of 2016 that is.

In the Real World

When not blogging and doing dad stuff, I work as a Product Manager in Sydney, Australia. I help build software that connects people and facilitates collaboration in the construction industry.

Get in touch

Twitter – If you have a quick question or message, please tweet me @damithsama and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. DM’s are open.

July 2020 Update

Sadly, other priorities, like having 2 kids, meant that my blog and podcast suffered greatly from around 2015. So much so that I lost the original domain name – theflyslip dot net – and could only recover some of my work from an outdated backup file I had.

Kids, for the love of all things holy, back up your work and data!

The rest of the content I managed to save was from the Wayback Machine. I’ve salvaged what I can on this new site and hope to keep it as a record of my once glory days.