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ESPNcricinfo (formerly known as Cricinfo or CricInfo) is a sports news website exclusively for the game of cricket. It is the biggest cricket related platform in the world. In 2015, it saw an average of 5.8 million unique visitors per day

I wrote a few pieces that were published on that site over the years. You can find links to them below.

Time for Thirimanne to repay faith and deliver , Jun 1, 2016 | Inbox

Having been given a long rope, despite a shaky technique, the onus is on Lahiru Thirimanne to step up and convert promise into substance

Arjuna’s real-life Hobbits , Mar 11, 2015 | Inbox

A Sri Lankan fan inspired by the heroes of 1996 ponders the impact of an Associate-free World Cup on cricket fans in Kabul, Dublin, Rotterdam and Kathmandu

Sri Lanka in a World Cup funk , Jan 29, 2015 | Inbox

For a Sri Lanka fan, the team’s losing streak in the New Zealand ODIs is perhaps the equivalent of getting paralysed by poison. Your body is immobile giving the impression that you’ve died, but inside, you are still very much alive. Screaming.

Don’t get greedy Sri Lanka , Sep 15, 2014 | Inbox

A lesson for Sri Lankan Cricket from Breaking Bad – if it ain’t broke, don’t obsess over fixing it

Sri Lanka Cricket slams unfounded expectations , Sep 21, 2012 | The Heavy Ball

Board criticises media and fans for demanding a well-run cricket administration

SLPL – a piece of a jigsaw puzzle , Sep 5, 2012 | Inbox

The SLPL has had mixed reviews – there are the fanboys of Sri Lanka cricket and then there are the ones who didn’t get it at all

‘I do struggle to convert fifties into hundreds , Aug 29, 2012 | Interviews

Angelo Mathews is the man Sri Lanka turn to when they need a finisher in a chase. He talks about the pressure of the role, his Test form, and captaincy ambitions

Letters to Sanga , Jun 6, 2012 | The Heavy Ball

If there’s one thing that Sri Lanka Cricket is good at, it’s communicating with its star players

BCCI investigates un-Sri Lankan team , Mar 4, 2012 | The Heavy Ball

Victories and absence of long names raise red flags

If it’s Sydney, it must be a Sri Lankan win , Feb 18, 2012 | Fan Following

Big hits, steely glares, great music and lively entertainment makes even a one-sided game rather fun

Sri Lanka Cricket does away with fans , Jan 30, 2012   | The Heavy Ball

Says pesky supporters have been hindering the progress of the team

If Steve Jobs had run cricket , Oct 18, 2011   | The Heavy Ball

The sport would have been played in pristine outfits, by beautiful people who’d get all their problems solved by someone smarter than the umps

The cult of Thilan , Oct 6, 2011   | The Heavy Ball

There walk among us those who will rip your intestines out, fill them with Statsguru links and feed them back to you if you say a word against Samaraweera

Welcome to the pack, Geoff , Sep 30, 2011   | The Heavy Ball

Sri Lanka’s new coach gets introduced to the ways of the team’s senior players

Life as a former slinger (still a curly blond) , Sep 19, 2011   | The Heavy Ball

There’s all this free time to spend, but only if the Sri Lankan team stops making all those SOS calls

Sanga’s Eleven , Mar 9, 2010   | The Heavy Ball

What do you get when Sri Lanka’s ever-so-smooth captain puts together a crack team to get up the noses of the Australians? Cricket plus heist movie, that’s what

Where the party’s at , Feb 24, 2010   | Fan Following

The SCG had the feel of an after-semester do. No one much minded that one side didn’t really show up

Nice pairs , Feb 18, 2010   | The Index

Television’s Amazing Race unfailingly delivers stereotype teams each season. What if cricketers were to go on the show, we asked ourselves

Wisden India

Through some weird cosmic happenstance I got to write about Sri Lanka’s progress in the 2015 World Cup for Wisden India.

You can find all my articles here

Note – Wisden India is now defunct as it was absorbed into the wider Wisden family of websites, from what I understand so the links to those articles can only be found via the Wayback Machine. The header links are to the Wayback Machine, but I’ve copied and published the articles on my blog as well, so that they do not get lost in the interwebs forever and have links to them as “read more”

Ignored kinks in Sri Lanka strike a sour note , Mar 12, 2015

Despite the positives at the top of the order, concerns persist about individuals’ form, spin bowling and fielding read more

Sri Lanka’s bowling policy a recipe for defeat , Mar 9, 2015

Mathews favours having three bowlers, but team has given away too many runs and batsmen’s efforts read more

Full circle, but not the perfect day out , Mar 1, 2015

Sri Lanka completed a win against England, but several bowling and fielding holes need urgent plugging read more

Sri Lanka splutter to life at MCG , Feb 27, 2015

The pieces seem to be falling together for the Lankans, but sterner tests lie ahead in the read more

Sri Lanka still in search of missing pieces . Feb 23, 2015

The win against Afghanistan was only half a step in the right direction. The 1996 winners need to step their game read more

Sri Lanka, and the art of seizing key moments , Feb 14, 2015

The side that turned up in the World Cup’s opening fixture was a far cry from the one that won in 1996 read more

The Roar

Roar LK covers the deeper issues, untold tales and hidden heroes of Sri Lanka. I wrote a couple of features for them on Sri Lanka’s tour to England in 2016.

Sri Lanka Cricket After The Headingley Disaster , 29 May 2016

Sri Lankan Fight Should Not Mask Underlying Issues , 6 Jun 2016

The Papare is Sri Lanka’s leading sports website. I wrote a bunch of features for them in 2016.

What is Two-Division Test cricket?, July 01 2016

The Tango in Colombo, 13/08/2016

A Tale of Two Wins, 01/08/2016

Lions left licking their Wounds after Test Series, 16/06/2016

The Untameable Dilshan, 01/09/2016

The ‘Silva’ fight back, 17/08/2016

A chance for redemption for Angelo and his men, 25/07/2016

The man with the mile-wide smile, 06/06/2016