Arjuna is an honorable man

First, a bit of Irony.

About a month ago the BCCI threatened to cut off all Bi Lateral ties with Sri Lanka.

After Mumbai, India are talking about strengthening the Asian block again.

Its a bit sad that so much devastation was needed for people to open their eyes when people like scorpicity from cricfizz and my self could see the potential dangers of this long before.

Arjuna, never a man to miss an opportunity, is attempting to weasel his way into the BCCIs ” People We Likey” column by offering to send a full strength Sri Lankan team to India for a charity match.

This list includes high rollers like, Reg Dickson and most of the people at the ECB.

Although it still remains to be seen how Arjuna can ‘Weasel’ his way into anything other than to queue-jump a buffet line.

Actually, this is quite a nice thing to do from Arjuna.

On the one hand, his image goes up a few notches.

On the other, since the England tour has now been canceled and all his efforts have gone to waste, there is no better time to buddy up with the BCCI again.

Cuz we can be sure that the ECB wont be extending a helping hand anytime soon.

Showing solidarity at a time like this is in the best interest of the SLC and Arjuna.


  1. Ceci said:

    The ECB are a fairly hopeless bunch at the moment Damith – you really need a crafty ruthless negotiator and fixer at the top of your cricket body – and we have a hot air merchant, and some anodyne suits. Think the BCCI are going to be ruling the roost for some time to come, and wouldn’t blame anyone for jumping into bed with them!

    December 4, 2008
  2. damiths said:

    Ceci>”a crafty ruthless negotiator”

    Crafty- arjuna is not that cool

    ruthless- he gets tired after a few rounds of argument and needs to sit down

    negotiator – ‘2020 is like instant noodles’ was the closest he came to negotiating anything.

    arjuna shall lead, but we are not quite sure where exactly.

    Java> comparing Brutus to Arjuna is an insult to Brutus.

    December 4, 2008
  3. scorpicity said:

    It was interesting Damith our discussions long back on how a single event will send everyone scurrying for cover on all sides including the asian boards and behold that’s what happened.

    Somehow that is the fate with which this region is delicately balanced on.

    Either way for the folks who want to move away from the BCCI, it is ok if there are some bold visions keeping in mind the long-term interest of Sri Lankan cricket. By doing that with the ECB is like making love to a Gorilla.

    I would appreciate if Sri Lanka could foster better ties with Australia in the future in order to move away from the BCCI… they are not finicky like the English and a much safer bet for SL cricket.

    December 5, 2008
  4. damiths said:

    Scorpi> Its a good point you bring up on siding with Aus because I also think they would be more supportive of us than England.

    THey have always been helpful towards us and generally seem to base their decisions using sound judgement.

    But nothing would be as good as buddying up with the BCCI at the moment.

    December 5, 2008
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