Aus v Ind- 1st test preview

It is upon us, through the haze of the hype surrounding the series, the day has finally come.

It looks like the weather might ruin things for all. But if it doesn’t, this is how I see things going down..

Australia– Strong.
Highly dependant on Hussey and Ponting and Clarke. And there is the problem. I don’t see a big series for Punter, he struggles against spin early on and if India get early wickets they can crowd him and put him under severe pressure. Struggled in the tour game against Chawla. So, the batting will revolve around Hussey and Clarke.

This series will be won in the middle order. But the importance of a good start cannot be under estimated. Hayden and Krab Kattich will need to offer solid starts consistently if Aus are to start a remotely good chance.

India-Potentially deadly
All the hype is around the Fab four and Ganguly right now, so its easy to forget Goutham City Gambir. We shouldn’t. He handeled Mendis and co brilliantly in Sri Lanka. I expect a big series for him

Sehwags a marked man, but as homer grumbled, he can change the game in a session. He did in SL. And that’s the only test India won.

The fab bore, don’t really look threatening to me. But on home soil, with this potentially being their last series, who knows. Its on a knives edge and you can feel it.

Australia– One dimensional.
Fuck all the talk about the Australian spinner. I saw Krejza, hes shit. I’ve seen Cam white, hes harmless. Micheal Clarke- If Warne couldn’t . So yeh.

Lee and Stuey lead the charge. This is the first big test for this attack since Mcgrath and Warne left.
Away, with no experience in India. Lee will look to make his mark. Clark will have a belter.

3rd quick , who ever it may be will need to support with solid economical spells while these two dismantle India.

India– Nothing special.
Bajji will be the main threat. Kumble wont make an impact. Aussies have the wood on him. Strong performances from Adams apple and Zaheer might make the difference. Ishants been inconsistent since Australia, so its hard to see early wickets coming on a regular basis for India.

Neither are brilliant leaders. How Ponting uses his bowlers might decide this series.

1st test prediction– Draw, weather looks bad. So we might not get a full 5 days. With both attacks being generally weak this spells draw for me.


  1. Moses @ Beer and Sport said:

    Nice writeup, I agree that Krejka and White should prove fairly innefectual.. Michael Clarke however has a knack for triggering Indian collapses.

    Thanks for the link too, have just added you.

    October 8, 2008
  2. Damith S. said:

    Thanks Moses,

    I think after the initial confusion as to my origins we are gonna be best of blog mates 😛

    So Whitey gets the call with Watto. The right move IMO. Krejz was shit in the tour game. You can look it up here

    Ya M.C will have to pick up some wickets and trigger some collapses if Aus are to stand a more than good chance of winning.

    Thanks for the link up 🙂

    October 8, 2008

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