Breaking up

We used to be so good together, you and I. Our affections grew as all great loves grow.

First, friendship and curiosity.

Then understanding and familiarity.

Then came 96.

Our love and passion for each other exploded out of no where like One Direction. Neither of us were prepared for it. But we knew we both wanted it.

A promise for life soon followed.

Years went on and still the passion was deep and strong like an Australian batting line up.

A lull.

And then a mistress.

The lies followed soon. Doubt crept in like a thief in the night, a small crack that grew steadily. Arjuna and Rex polluting our thoughts. Poisoning our minds. Tearing us apart.

We want it done and dusted. But we crave the pain. We want it to end. But we need each other. Love can be lost and re-found.

But you can’t tango with one person.



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