Chew your gum like Haddin, PJ

Both PJ and Brad Haddin were trying to make their mark in the team.

Haddin is following in the gigantic foot steps of Adam Gilchrist.

PJ has finally got his chance to prove to the world just how good a keeper he is.

And make no mistake, Prasanna is the best keeper in the world. If I had a house I would bet that on him.

Both have had scratchy starts to their career. Hadding keeping has been a hit and miss. His batting the same.

Prasanna’s keeping has been some of the best I have seen, but his batting is nothing special.

Haddin had been consistent without getting the big score. Prasannas just been inconsistent.

He does have a 100, but its against Bangladesh and so it doesnt count.

Now Haddin’s starting to pull away from PJ.

The Runs are flowing, He’s fighting his balls off and nurturing the tail. The 92 he got today was exactly what you’d want from a keeper coming low down.

Put his balls on the line when it mattered and treated Harris like he should be by everyone facing him. Its a shame he missed the century, but his job was done.

PJ’s enjoying a charmed life in the Sri Lankan team right now, mainly for his keeping and also cuz Sanga is too bored to do everything.

At a time when Sri Lanka’s top order is as solid as candy floss, PJ needs to step up with the batting if he wants to keep his place.

The selectors wont be afraid to stick an extra pair of Keeping gloves in Sanga’s kit bag if needed.

The difference between PJ and Haddin is that Haddins first class record is brilliant, PJ’s is no different from his international figures. So he is already starting on the back foot.

Maybe its a mental thing, the much lauded ‘self beleif’ might be lacking. Whatever it is he needs to get his shit together and do it pretty quickly.

A good start would be to watch tapes of Haddins last few innings.

It could also be in the way Haddin chews his gum. Pretty simple philophy on that one though – dont stop chewing.


  1. achettup said:

    I’ll let you in on another secret, Haddin made my fantasy team as well. Not PJ though, I couldn’t select him. At 85k, Haddin is a bargain.

    December 20, 2008
  2. Vivek said:

    Have u read the article regarding the training haddin did for the indian tour…..going through that, the only reason/diffrence i woudl belive b/w the two woudl be DESIRE!!!…how badly does he want to do well for srilanka.

    December 20, 2008
  3. Sam said:

    dude, has the sl vs bd series began ? no news….so long practise

    December 22, 2008
  4. insideEdge said:

    The inconsistency of the SL batsmen is the bigger problem for PJ than his own batting. Although the guy is a grafter who might average 30 which is ok for a WK (in the Boucher range), with the top order always flopping the selectors will want to have an extra batsman and drop PJ.

    With Arjuna Ranatunge removed I’m sure Mahela and Channuka De Silva must be breaking open the champagne. SL cricket administration is an absolute disgrace and the only solution will be to let Ajantha Mendis run SLC. At least he has professional training in dealing with the battles that rage within SLC.

    December 24, 2008

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