Day 2 at Lahore…

Sri Lanka

Dragged the innings on for too long when  550 was plenty. Samaraweera’s dream run continues. Not one but two, TWO,  double hundreds, its a great show of application. But when your main threat comes from one and a half bowlers, Gul (1), Danish (1/2) its not really that surprising.

Dilshan collected a cool 145 at 85, which was a more important innings than Thilans because  SL needed to push on from their overnight score. He provided the support and then played main man.


If Umar Gul had another bowler bowling with half his threat level, this might have been a different story.

But the openers made sure they put up another item in the ‘Why Dilhara shouldn’t be playing cricket column”, for which I am grateful. What else were they to do, when so many bad balls were being offered.

What Sri Lanka has to bank on now is wickets from the spinners, because the two opening bowlers were pretty much useless. With the ball only 20 overs old, it still can provide a bit of bounce for Murali and Mendis.

If they are negated, can anyone say dejavu?

Play of the day

Mahela’s moment in the sun, no not the run out, but the morbid way he enjoys watching SL get bowled out with absolutely no benefit to the team or their chances. 550-5 was plenty. 600 all out means nothing.

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