Dhakka, at stumps on day 3…

Sri Lanka– now batting like they mean it

After negotiating the new ball, the openers once again showed their weakness against straight balls.

You could have driven a rickshaw full Arjuna’s through the gap Vandort managed.

But as is often the case, Sri Lanka proved that you only need one partnership of any real value to put the Bangladeshi’s out of the game.

After looking like he had walked out with a wedgie for about 45 minutes, Mahela started to bat like his old self.

Flashing outside off,playing away from the body but this time connecting with the middle and scoring runs.

Sangakkara played the sidekick role well and missed out on the big one

Tilan played another innings on his way to becoming a stud.

With a lead of 400 Sri Lanka cant lose

Bangladesh – missed the bus.

At 2 forr 18 and with the lead less than 150 Bangladesh were a chance.

Ashraful’s missed chance to run out Mahela before he faced a ball turned the game cuz before that both him and Sangakkara looked shithouse.

Once the partnerships developed, they had no idea how to recover. Ashrafuls captaincy was non existent.

It looked like they had accepted defeat.

The commentators kept showing the highest 4th innings totals and one Bangladeshi commentator said Bangladesh probably couldn’t achieve anything over 250.

Such defeatists mentalities does not a good test side make.

They have bowled themselves into a position from which they couldnt possibly win.

Maybe they were thinking about who to vote for tomorrow in the elections.

Finding their balls moment.

Has to go to Mahela.

With quite a bit of pressure on his shoulders he walked out and nearly ran him self out before facing a ball.

Then he almost edged himself out by flashing outside off. After that he put his head down and started to work the ball around.

And although he managed a 100 he dint look convincing at all. Even after all that time in the middle he kept flashing outside off, sticking the bat out and playing away from his body.

It IS Bangladesh and we are not ready to let him off the hook just yet.

Play of the day.

Mahbul Alam trying to get Mahela run out by the keeper as he was walking off thinking he was out off a no ball.

Peter Roebuck, author of the Spirit of Cricket, would not have been pleased.

Would have been quite interesting to see what the umpires would have done had this transpired.

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