Eng v SL – facts you wish you had known #6


Ivo Bligh maintained many times that the reason for his success in bringing back the 1883 Ashes can be directly atributed to the stopover in Ceylon.

Bligh had been walking the streets of Colombo in search of a Saree for his wife when he stumbled across an old woman selling spices and potions.  Bligh requested a portion which would allow him to win back the Ashes. And a handjob.

After losing the first test Bligh decided to use the potion which worked to enlargen his manhood by ten fold.

He used the extra girth to root several wives of high profile Australian players, who later complained to their husbands that they have never been sexually satified as they were by Bligh.

With the Australians demoralised, Bligh won back the Ashes and kept the old woman who sold him the potion as a mistress.


  1. Pie Player said:

    Dam Sam,

    Just when I thought your writing couldn’t get any funnier, you spring this on me!

    Dannie Vettori called me and said he wants to make the third Test a “memorable” one. Apparently, Amla, Smith, and Boucher brought their wives over to NZ. Wanted to know if the old woman had passed down the recipe.

    March 22, 2012
  2. damiths said:

    Sadly the recipe died with the Woman after a particularly rigrouous love making session ended in disaster for Bligh with a literal explosion of ecstacy.

    March 25, 2012

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