experimenting with professionalism

I have had to let a day go by to fully absorb the game on Sunday.

There was so much experimenting going on that you began to wonder if the game was infact in the end an actual game. Or just another experiment

The Australians were playing an experimental side.

Micheale Clarke experimented with opening the batting.

They also experimented with their batting and bowling.Perhaps they were trying to prove a theorem about what would happen if they did neither in a game.

Sri Lanka were also getting into the science of it all.

I don’t think Dilhara Fernando bowled a single no ball. Tight lines and lengths were kept to. He even bowled the last over.

Wickets were taken at regular intervals, no panic was experienced when a partnership threatened.

The batsmen showed no signs of even remotely being worried about the Perth pitch. Rebuilt the innings when 2 quick wickets fell. Ruthlessly hunted down the runs and ended the game with a 6.

Was that Sri Lanka experiementing with being a Professional outfit?

Sri Lanka, professional. It doesn’t even feel right as I am typing that out.

Surely, we are only a couple of steps from becoming South Africa now aren’t we…

I am not sure if I am ready for that.

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  1. Sach said:

    Welcome back, bugger! Missed you.

    November 5, 2010

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