Fake news that’s real

From the desk of the Fake IPL player himself.

We predicted poor crowds for games that are non-weekend matches. And the Fake IPL player has shed some interesting light on this for us.

“Another sitting with the broadcasting folks has brought out some interesting facets of how thing’s work out here. Being right here, I can tell you that the grounds are pretty sparsely filled, especially during the first inning. But the broadcasting team has been told to keep talking about the excitement and the fever at the ground. The camera men have been instructed not to pan towards empty stands. And the producers keep telling the spectators to scream and shout when the cam pans to them. I don’t know what you guys sense on TV, but watching it from here, the so-called ‘excitement’ and ‘energy’ seems even faker than this blog.

Even without this bit of damning information and if you have been a keen observer, you’d have noticed that at least 30-40%  of the stands are empty in pretty much all the week games.

Of course we cant really vouch for the accuracy of said information, given than it comes from a Fake IPL player.

But we’ll be damned if we ignored any fake news that supports our views.

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