Graham Ford must be into a bit of S&M. Otherwise we fail to see the appeal that the Sri Lankan coaching job offers. Uncle J – Jarrod Kimber for you new ones out there, tweeted at the time that if he was Ford he wouldn’t be getting a 12 month mobile plan.We suggested that there probably wouldn’t be a need for him to open a bank account either.

In his first interview Ford has gone the obvious route and said that his long term goal is to make SL the number 1 side. If that isn’t your goal to begin with then I am not sure I want you in that job at all.

It’s quite depressing to think that Fords success might not even depend on him but the mood that the Sports Minister and Selectors are in at the end of a couple of series. He is lucky though, to have Jayawardene as captain because he can learn and feed off him quicker than had it been Dilshan.

He has gone onto talk about the 99 WC run out, Bob Woolmer and Hansie and you start to get a sense of a guy who has been through enough to have real perspective on the game and what is important in the modern day game. The rules for success, it’s temptations and the art of wilting under pressure. The latter however, is not something we prescribe in any shape or form.

When Marsh was asked to take a permanent holiday to go and watch his boys play, Upali Dharmadasa said Ford brings with him the necessary ‘skills to meet the demands of the modern game’. What at the time seemed like a bunch of PR tripe now seems to hold up a little. Of course it might still be a load of balls by the end of a couple of series

Ford will mostĀ  likely be using every bit of his worldly knowledge because he would’ve never have had to face up to the muddle and noise off the field as he will do in SL.

The South AfricanĀ  has been notorious for his gunshyness in committing to a side. Now that he has actually made the investment it is really now up to the SL Board, Selectors and Sports Minister to invest in him

I mean, for Christsakes, he remembers who Mahanama and Chandana were.



  1. Silly Point said:

    I am not happy about the manner in which Marsh was let go; I bet he was rewarded handsomely though. But leaving all that behind, Ford might be exactly what we need at this juncture.

    Look on the bright side; at least SLC didn’t rush out and hire Greg Chappell.

    What I’m curious to find out is if we can get Hathurusinghe back in the coaching staff roster.

    February 4, 2012
  2. Fast Bowling said:

    I also think Sri Lanka could do with a more qualified fast bowling coach. Champaka Ramanayake is solid, but I think someone with a world class track record would help… maybe Chaminda Vass?

    February 5, 2012
  3. damiths said:

    Silly> Yea the wat Marsh was sacked was ridiculous but it was also an unprofessional appoinment. It was on the back of a couple of references from Moody and Greig who were on commentary duty for the Aus tour. We never really considered him until Ford decided not to take up our job.

    But Ford has athe credentials so hopefully he can bring something new and fresh to table. Its good to move away from the Aus coaches. I think SA coaches are more about discpline and being clinical.

    I think there was some issue with Hathuru and the selectors or something to that affect. He quit and now he is in Aus I believe. Could be wrong.

    Fast Bowling> Yes Vass is ideal but he is still in his playing days in Eng. Maybe after a couple of years or so…

    February 9, 2012

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