Galle, Day 2

Sri Lanka

Gutless. Shambolic. [Insert adjective to describe abject failure].

If I were a Sri Lankan test bowler, I’d be asking for a better central contract. Dilshan still in 2020 mode. The two most experienced batsmen – soft. Mathews’ test career might be over if he doesn’t score a 100 chasing 350. SLs innings is highlighted in Paranavitas dire knock. No purpose. No intention. No Plan. No Balls.

At the end of day 1 the game was could have gone either way. 2 sessions later there can only be one winner. Even if Australia get only another 20 runs, that will be more than 200 SL would have got in the first innings. The bowlers have ensured SL don’t get completely embarassed, but going 1-0 would negate that.


Box seat. Lyon, Clarke and Watson have almost put the game beyond SL. If records are anything to by, they’ve done that and then some.  Pretty much a faultless day until all those wickets fell late. Bowled tightly, gave nothing away and held onto everything. Jarrod has done a top peiece on Lyon. Go read it there. 20 more and Clarke will feel like they’ve got more than enough. In the meantime he can sit back and enjoy one of the best counter attacking innings in test cricket in recent times under a lot of pressure. Clarke looks like he wants to be in at 20-2 these days. That is good and bad. Depending on how you look at it.

Play of the day

Old grumpys bat sailing all over the place. Most people would find that funny. Not Ricky.

Lyons’ 5fer was good. But Watson broke the Sri Lankans with his cutters in the middle. Australia must seriously think about letting him bat down the order and getting Marsh in to open so Watson can bowl more.

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