Getting to the SLPL isn’t as easy as you might think

“But Dad we are already late!” yelled young Keshan.

He had been bursting at the seams thinking about this day. The day his A-level exams were over, the day he would finally get to see the magnificent spectacle that was the SLPL.

“WELL ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR MOTHER DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THE WASHER. Now my favorite Nirvana shirt is a bright pink. So many memories. Did you know I was once in the same city as Kurt Cobain. At the SAME TIME ?

“Dad I don’t care. I don’t want to miss a single ball. Lets go, we will never beat the traffic at this rate” said Keshan.

He then slowly put his hand inside his pocket and pulled out his most treasured possession. It had arrived nearly 2 weeks ago now. He still remembered coming home from school and rushing up to his room to re-watch the highlights from the previous day’s play when he noticed a yellow envelope on his study table. He instantly knew what it was. It had seemed forever, but here it was, finally within his grasp. He carefully peeled away the opening of the envelope and pulled them out. He could barely contain himself. He closed his eyes in anticipation. When he opened them he almost gasped. The Nagenehira Nagaaas vs Wayamba. He could have sworn that Nagaas was spelt wrong. He also couldn’t figure out what seat he had gotten because the ink had run and it was all a blur. The ticket was torn down one side too. No matter, thought a slightly disappointed Keshan. It will have to do.

“Anoma, where are the car keys. How many times do I have to tell you keep them in the key bowl”

“Bloody women” muttered his dad under his breath.

“Dad they are in your hand.”

Keshan buckled up, glad to be finally leaving.

“Where is the Baila CD I asked you to rip?”

“Oops I forgot dad, they have Bands at the ground so it should be alright. Let’s go!”

“No, no, no. When we were growing up we used to ride the bus to the ground with baila blasting on our pocket radios. I want you to experience that with me. Run along and get it dear.”

Soon Keshan and his Dad were on their way to the ground.

“So who’s playing today putha? This is is not a test match no?”

Keshan sighed, Well what if it were, he thought. “The Naagas v Wayamba dad, I told you that like ten times today”.

“Wait wait wait, so Sri Lanka is not playing??”

“No dad it’s a domestic tournament”

“Superb! Why didn’t you tell me. I am a member at SSC , we would have gotten much better seats. I know the SSC coach, I could have taken you to meet the players also no.”

“Actually Dad, they revamped the tournament to make it provincial. Its quite exciting actually.  The cricket board called it a new dawn for Sri Lankan cricket. All teams have international players too” said Keshan beaming

“Ah so Sri Lanka is playing? Is it a triangular?”

Slams on the breaks.

“Please tell me you brought the Sandwhiches amma made?”

“Dad! We are already late. We can get food at the ground. We are going to miss everything!”

“Do you know what sort of hell I will have to face if she finds out we didn’t take them after she woke up at 5am to make them for you. Don’t worry we will only miss five or 10 overs putha, its not the end of the world”

Keshan, like many other Sri Lankan’s never made it to an SLPL game this year. For various other reasons of course.

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