Host Monty and win 500 quid !

Yes, that’s right. Bloomfield CC in Sri Lanka are going to be awarded 500 pounds for hosting Monty for a month.

Which is roughly around 90,000 rupees. Quite a nifty amount, but the club is currently feeling indifferent about it.

I’m not too sure what the fuss is about. 500 pounds equates to about 90 000 rupees back home. Which is roughly the amount an employee of a few years experience makes in Sri Lanka for a month.

Bloomfield are miffed as to why the ECB wont pay them the 7500 pounds they had asked for.

Are you fucking kidding me?

That is roughly around 1.4 mil rupees, which can support an entire squad of 15 for a month at 90k rupees a player.

The ECB are never going to pay so much to host Monty. Bloomfield ‘claim’ that they will need to replace their captain Shanuka Dissanayake for Monty.

Ironically Shanuka might actually be a better bowler than Monty. He clicks in at 21 per wicket vs Monty’s 31.
So Shanuka is good, but not 7500 pounds good.

Bloomfield can count themselves lucky if the ECB still goes ahead with the revised 1000 quid they are now offering.

If I were them Id take the money and start mixing a welcome drink for Monty.


  1. Sachintha said:

    But still I think ECB is a bit cheap to offer only 500.
    It’s their only spinner ffs! Can’t they afford a bit more, if they really want to develop him?

    October 30, 2008
  2. nestaquin said:

    500 for a month is stingy in the extreme. That’s only 125 a week which is less than a day ticket to Lord’s for The Ashes.

    October 30, 2008
  3. Damith S. said:

    sach> Well its Bloomfield who asked for 500 at the start, but when the deal was about to go through they asked for an extra 7000 pounds. Which to me is a bit much.

    Id thought 1000 or 2000 would have been ideal

    Nesta>Once again its Bloomfield who asked for that amount.

    Anyways, the worst has happened. ECB scrapped the plan.

    Monty wont be coming to Sri Lanka.

    October 30, 2008

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