ICL v IPL – coming soon to a theater near you

The bearded one, not Dirty Dirk, but the rotund one with a dodgy knee is of the opinion that the best way to find out which league, ICL or IPL, is better is to get the best teams from both leagues together for a play off.

There is only one thing wrong all this.

I dont care for either league to begin with.

And even less about which league is better.

Not a fan of the whole twentybenty business and never will be.

However, the craziest thing about the whole idea is, Its fucking brilliant. innit The interest level in India and around the world about the ICL ‘rebel’ league and the IPL is currently astronomical.

The money that such a series would generate is undeniable.

Whats even more brilliant, but less likely to happen is that, in the long run, just maybe the ICL and IPL will bat eyes for each other.

Stop smirking, Hell I said its unlikely dint I!

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