Lalit Modi writes to the ECB

Dear ECB,

How are you guys doing. Hope all is well with everyone there. I of course am doing excellent. Just got home from a long holiday in the Swiss Alps. Was an interesting trip to tell you the truth. I met their Finance minister who was also on vacation. Splendid chap. We got to chatting one night over a gin and tonic and we got onto the topic of Chocolates. One thing led to another and now if you want to buy a Toblerone you can only do it in Switzerland. I had very little to do with it honest! They are also trying to convince the Belgians to come and sell their Chocos in Switzerland exclusively- Ok so I had a bit to do with that. You know me hehe. I managed to cut a deal though, so I should be ok. Let me know if guys want some. Will be glad to send some with one of the English boys when they come over for the IPL.

Anyways, how about your boys in South Africa eh? Not bad at all. Whats going on with Kevin though. Seems to be a bit off color. Those Challengers must be hurting after paying so much for him LOL. I guess some people just get carried away with money. I think India played some matches too. I don’t really follow them that much. But I heard there was a close match between India and Mumbai in that Rahul Dravid Trophy final. Must try to buy the dvd rights for that.

You know what guys, I am really annoyed with Shahrukh Khan. The dudes gone and rattled off about me not including any Pakistanis in the IPL.  Imagine that! I don’t know about you blokes but those Pakistanis scare me. I mean what is up with those beards? Can’t their board hire someone to give them some English lessons. Look at Rahul and Sachin, their English is bloody marvelous.  So I am really not going to miss them too much.

Alright guys I best be heading out now. Take care all of you. Gilo stay off the pies! Hehe. Only Kidding.
Oh by the way, the Champions League is going to be on during September, I’ve checked the FTP on cricinfo and you guys didn’t have any international games so it should all sweet. Someone did tell me that you had some county matches at that time or something. I hope to god you guys aren’t planning that EPL nonsense again behind my back. We spoke about that guys so no funny stuff ok.

Anywho, toodles.



  1. achettup said:

    Hahaha, this great… its so good to see you back blogging Damith, definitely missed your posts. Hows the move in Aus working out, hope alls going well!

    February 16, 2010
  2. damiths said:

    Atch>Cheers mate. Its good to be back. Things were rough to begin with but now they are going alright.

    February 16, 2010
  3. Rat said:

    Hahahaha…… Nize!!

    February 16, 2010

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