Mendis for County ?

The scrap is on.

There are rumors abound that the English counties are targeting our young spin maestro Splendid Mendis (that has now been officially patented by flyslip!)

Flyslips quite excited about the whole thing. Its not often that young Sri Lankans are spotted by the counties. The most notable players in the English domestic game have always been the big names from the island.





Them be some really big names.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Splendid Mendis,(doesn’t it just roll off the tongue). Its also a sign of just how big an impact he has made in the world game in his very short career.

I have always felt that Mendis needs to develop stock ball.

Warne had his leggie.

Murali has his big spinning offie.

Mendis bowls about 6 or 7 different variations in an over. But in the long run whats going to bag you most of your wickets is your stock ball. Even if it does not directly get you the wicket, the stock ball will ensure your variations are that much more dangerous. The county game, depending on how long he gets to play, will offer him a great chance to do just this.

But where will he go ?

Most Likely

The most likely scenario is that Splendid Mendis will go to Lancashire because of the Murali tie -in.

I’m sure Murali, he of the goggle eyes, will have plenty of nice things to say about the county. Including yarns about every ones favorite man- Freddy.

My Pick

Personally Id like to see him move to Sussex. I quite like the idea of Mendis trying to fill the 1800+ wickets hole that Mushy has left there. Sussex do have Ollie Rayner to who has been under the astute apprenticeship of the bearded one. So it will be interesting to see what approach they take.

Wild Card

Durham – who might want to mix things up next year as their attack is pace heavy. With Paul Wiseman reaching a 153 years of age next year and proving to be highly ineffective with 16 wickets to his name, Mendis might slot in well for the reining Division 1 Champions.


What ever county he goes to, its a guaranteed investment.

Considering how the Englishmen went against Murali during his stint, Mendis will eat the English men alive and spit them out for good measure.


  1. David Barry said:

    A little bit dangerous for Sri Lanka having him let loose in county cricket I would have thought. He’ll clean up, but a lot of batsmen will become more familiar with facing him.

    October 3, 2008
  2. Damith S. said:

    David> Thats exactly the point IMO. Mendis cant be unknown quantity forever. Its better that he learns that sooner rather than later. So that he can adapt and learn even more tricks !

    October 4, 2008

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