Micheal Vaughans scored some runs too you know

Yes that’s  right our man MVs been at it again. Scoring runs befitting his form over the last few years, he has a strung up an impressive set of scores. They are as follows, in chronological order of course.

5 v Worcester

5 v Gloucester

10 v Surrey

16 v Warwicks

That 5 against Worcester was on the day after he was not picked for the test squad. Some people might be inclined to think Micheal has taken that news badly.

These are clearly tough times for Vaughan and his ‘thinking mind’, which clearly wasn’t ‘thinking’ or otherwise at Edgbaston when he couldn’t find his way to the pitch. For a while at least.

Cricinfo says.

“After leaving the dressing room via the players’ viewing gallery, he realised there was no direct access to the pitch and was obliged to clamber over seats and through the crowd”

The BBC said.

“Micheal Vaughan is clearly the right choice for England’s no3, proving that he is willing to overcome any hurdle to get to the middle. What he does afterwards is his own business. But by golly the man is determined. And we like Men like that.”

Of course what all this means is that MV has not scored a century for Yorkshire in a first class match for nearly 500 years. Our statistics rep tells us its actually since 2003. Potato, Potatoe.

Who cares, records are meant to be broken aren’t they?

Unfortunately, Micheal runless spree might be on hold for the minute as he has gone and done his hammy in.

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Surprisingly – a good number of you are not fussed about Micheals form. Really, is that anyway to treat the man who won England the Ashes?

Shame on you.


  1. Dave said:

    Vaughan couldn’t find form if you gave him directions and a map.

    May 11, 2009
  2. YC said:

    You’ve got a man crush on him or something? 😛

    May 12, 2009
  3. damith said:

    Dave> That sums up MV exactly.

    YC> What makes you think we do? Excessive posts dont mean anything. Honest.

    May 12, 2009

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