Moin the nutter

Remember Moin Khan?


Probably because he’s is 103 or something like that.

Well neither did we, until today. Cuz Moin’s gone and sued the PCB! For 100 Million no less.

Really Moin…100 mil? Tsk Tsk..

It all points to him having run out of his match fixing money and is probably in dire need of a hip replacement and a 10th by pass surgery.

Whats most intruiging is that whether this really needed to happen. Allegations flying back and forth in Pakistan is as common as cow dung on the roads of India. Very.

Couldn’t he just fire some verbals via the media ? Why enter a lengthy legal battle over such trivial matters.

Asking for 100mil just makes it laughable. Even Cric365 thinks so.

This is the last thing the PCB needs at the moment. As they are currently battling with Shoaib Actor Akthar over him paying his fines and have to ensure that Asif still get to play for Pakistan.

We are not amused Moin.

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