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So what does Megan Foxx and Dilshan have in common. Apparently sexiness. Says who?

Says you.

Because we asked you How sexy is Dilshans batting right now? You said.

* megan fox-transformers 2, sexy (33.0%, 20 Votes)
* sehwag on a good day sexy (32.0%, 19 Votes)
* robert pattingson-twilight, sexy (15.0%, 9 Votes)
* brad pitt- thelma and louise, sexy (13.0%, 8 Votes)
* james dean, rebel without a cause, sexy

Moving swiftly on to our next next bit of research, we ask you what you’d like to see Afridi sink his teeth into. Apart from a cricket ball. Cuz, well, he’s already done that hasn’t he.

Get voting on the left.

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