Outrage over Tom Moody’s ‘black turtle’ shocker

First, Nasser calling the Indians Donkeys

Now, Tom Moody compares Russel Arnold to a ‘little black turtle’.

I know what you are thinking. Holy Shit Crackers. This happened during the 1st test in Galle, so this episode unfolded even before Nassergate. I don’t have the video evidence to prove this actually happened so you will just have to take my word for it.

The broadcasters, in one of their many snippets to promote Sri Lankan tourism, were showing some black turtles splashing about joyously on the beach as the waves caressed their tiny black shells. Moody who was in the box with Arnold at the time, and as sure as I sit behind this keyboard, said “So which one are you Russel’



When will this blatant segregation stop. The cricket commentary box was once a safe haven for all past cricketers to tuck in to their Chicken Buriyani and pass judgment on their hapless current counterparts on the field.

No more. With this, Everything changes.



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