Pakistan win

Pretty amazing.

No one thought this was possible ofcourse, except for maybe some avid Pakistani supporters. Certainly not the bookies.

My interest in the series dropped by about 60% as soon as SL had won the test series. I watched the ODIs to see how the SL top order would cope. Apart from the 3rd ODI, they played to my expectations.

I also dont see the point of playing 5 ODIs. 3 is plenty in these days. Wrap it up with a 2020 or two and let Pakistan get back home with their tail between their legs.

So how did Pakistan win ? The answers are not that difficult to find.

Sri Lankas’ new alrounder Murali did not play in the 4th game.

Pakistan exposed Splendid again.

Sri Lanka were bored.

Sri Lanka couldn’t get over the fact that there was an Akmal that wasn’t ugly.

Pakistan are unpredictable.

The Sri Lankan top order got caught sleep walking. Again.

In the end this win is pretty insignificant. The Pakistanis might talk it up but they have been shithouse in this series and they havent taken the opportunities that have been handed to them by their opposition.

The one time they do is when no one really cares.

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