Pallekele, day 3

Sri Lanka

Having had a day to think about how to go about things Sri Lanka came out and plodded around for a bitย  before finding their feet. This was a massive innings for Paranavitana. But also one of those tailor made situations for a player to prove their worth. His side in trouble and looking to dig themselves out of a hole. Samaraweera found the perfect time to be his ally. It wasn’t a particularly pleasing innings. Nor was it a solid effort. But he did just about enough to possibly save his career. Again. He didn’t deserve a hundred purely based on the shot he played to get out. It was a weak effort from someone with one eye somewhere else.

With a lead of 10, 3 wickets left and Junaid bowling like a motherfucker with the new ball, Pakistan could have kept SL in touching distance. They didn’t account for Perera and Kulesekara. It was brilliant tail batting, although to be fair neither of them are genuine tailenders. Both can bat a bit. Perera can hit it too. The fate of this game could have been settled by the batting of two bowlers.


Bowled ok throughout the day without much luck. Samaraweera’s drop hurt them for a further 40 runs. Might not look much on paper but on this pitch it was a lot. Ajmal came into the tour as the main threat. But Junaid has been the star. New ball, old ball, doesn’t matter. This kid is the real deal. Pakistan discover these diamonds in the rough pretty much every other tour. The most recent ones have been lost to dirty money, genital diseases and drugs. Pakistan would do well to put up a protective shield around Junaid.

The late wicket compounds their problems. You feel one of the next three have to score a hundred for them to stand a chance.

Blue Collar moment of the day

Paraney and Samaraweera. Strike rates nearing the 40s as a pair of batsmen isn’t going to fill the stands but when Sri Lanka needed them, they stepped up, or rather stood up in super slow motion in fact. Neither ever looked set and both were rather dour straight after lunch. We are used to see Samaraweera pulling up his sleeves and getting dirty and it was good to see Paranavitana giving him support and showing that he is capable and willing when he really really wants to be.

Balls of the day

Junaid Khan, we believe, has disease free ones made out of tempered steel

Play of the day

Toss up between the Perera, Kulesekara fiesta and Adnan Akmal cursing at the TV every time something went against Pakistan


  1. Anush said:

    Samaraweera is the definition of a FTB. You could see that he wasn’t comfortable at all against any ball that swung or moved off the seam. Lots of edges, was damn lucky today. Never scores outside the Sub Continent, and now it seems his skills a home are going down too. Time to retire. And you have conveniently forgotten to mention that Taufeeq got a rough decision in the evening while Paranavitana was saved by Taufel on day one.

    July 10, 2012
  2. damiths said:

    Samaraweera has always been fighting to save his career at some point or rather. He did score two hundreds in SA two tours ago you know. I remember having a look and he has been our best batsmen overseas when you take out minnows over the last 5 years or something. Better than Sanga even, might need to recheck that though. He has been a bit poor over the lat 5 tests at home. Might need to pull something special out against the Kiwis to be certain of a seat to Aus. But the biggest issue is that SL don’t have anyone with experience to replace him. And I do not see a point in changing him before the Aus tour. SL will need him there.

    I didn’t forget. The umpiring continues to be very poor in this series. Those ones pitching on and and outside leg are very marginal. Most of the time the umpires get those right. I think it evens it self out over a game to be honest. But more than Parana, that hurt Pak a lot. And yes a bad call.

    July 11, 2012
  3. Anush said:

    In South Africa Samaraweera failed on the out and out green top in the first match. Then scored two tons on relatively flatter tracks which resembled Sub Continent tracks. Can’t see much there. And by saying a failure like him has been better than Sangakara just proves that you’re one of those mindless Sangakara bashers. Sangakara has been the best Test batsman from SL throughout. Dilshan comes next with his aggressive batting at the top. Scored back to back tons v PAK so has consistency as well.

    July 11, 2012
  4. damiths said:

    Well, I tried to have a conversation with you but I guess you aren’t really up for it. I said I remember looking at some stats that showed he had done well overseas and that his stats were better than Sangas. Not that he was infanct a better batsmen than sangakkara.

    I guess my point was that he scored where others failed in SA against a good attack.

    Not entirely sure where I’ve mindlessly bashed Sanga either to be honest. Oh well.

    July 11, 2012
  5. Anush said:

    LOL was just fucking around man, felt a little jobless so tried to work you up. Looks like you can keep your calm ๐Ÿ˜€

    Being serious I know that Samare has been simply awesome since his comeback in early 2008, starting from the Tests in WI. Since then he has a flawless record in each country he’s played in, except in India where he averages in the high thirties, then again that’s not that bad either. Sanga, well, meh.

    July 11, 2012
  6. Iranda K said:

    I just don’t understand Samare! ๐Ÿ™

    July 11, 2012

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