Podcast – CB Series Preview


  1. Iranda said:

    We have not exactly fared badly in the tri-series in the past. My memories go back to 1995 when we really got into the groove of becoming world champs under Arjuna. That series is the one that triggered us to go on and win the world cup. The famous series when Murali was no-balled by Hair and Emerson and Sanath and Kalu started terrorizing bowlers.
    This series will be very interesting and I think we have a good chance of coming back into form and I think the youngsters-Chandimal, Thisara and Thirimanne- should be given chances consistently. I think the boys should look back at the last one day series played in Oz with that miraculous partnership of Malinga and Mathews, for some fond inspiration.
    It baffles me too, as to why Randiv is being consistently ignored!! What wrong did this guy do to get this kind of treatment?
    Enjoyed listening. Keep it up guys!!

    February 8, 2012
  2. damiths said:

    Thanks Iranda.

    We have generally done ok but we shouldnt think a few wins here and there amount for anything. We have however made 2 finals which is a great achievement in it self.

    Even in the first game we did ok but make a few mistakes with selections and team line up. All things to work on but showing signs of improvement since the end of the SA tour.

    February 9, 2012

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