Possibly the greatest thing you have seen, it has Michael Vaughan in it too

Micheal Vaughan was a decent bat in his time. He did some cool stuff like winning the Ashes and had a ridiculously silly way of getting out while playing what seemingly was a perfect forward defensive shot.

But he has never actually been what you would classically call cool. He was a bit of a square who had a sensual cover drive.

That has all changed now

In 2006, Goldsborough Cricket Club 2nds suffered the worst score in modern English recreational cricket. Their defeat to Dishforth Cricket Club resulted in ten of their batsmen getting out for a duck and the last man left stranded on zero. That year Dishforth went up a division, Goldsborough down a division. They’ve not met in a competitive match since.

In August 2011, NatWest staged a rematch giving Goldsborough a chance to win back some pride and Dishforth the opportunity to prove it wasn’t a one off. To help Goldsborough avoid history repeating itself, NatWest gave them a secret weapon….

Sponsored by NatWest

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