Reactions to SL making the finals

“You have to feel for Graham Ford, the way Sri Lanka are going, it can’t be too long now before I meet him in the queue for the dole” Ex Sri Lankan coach Geoff Marsh speaks about the realities of making Sri Lanka half a decent side

“It’s been a great Summer and it feels great to cap it off with a win in the One Dayers” An ill informed Micheal Clarke prematurely celebrates a CB series win after assuming India made the finals

“At least Tubby Taylor gets 2 more chances to pronounce some of those Sri Lankan names correctly”
Tony Greig is not happy about the Channel 9 team not doing their homework

“We want to thank India for an excellent summer’s cricket. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer Sachin Tendulkar the opportunity to play Shield games guaranteed to last the full 4 days (with international status) in an attempt to get this 100th century. No we are not kidding. I can get ESPN and Star Cricket on the line now. Like, seriously” Cricket Australia know where their market is

“India should not have fingered Sri Lanka on Tuesday night. Now shut up” K.Srikanth when repeatedly asked for comment on the CB series

“After the World Cup I think the Asia Cup is the one a lot players value and really want to win. Even the English” Duncan Fletcher admits the CB series was not on the list of Indian priorities

“They play 3 finals? I had no idea. Surely they will struggle to be at their peak in Dhaka. This is why we pulled out of the finals. Although, I can’t be sure. But it was unanimous decision. Everyone agreed on it together. Seriously” MS Dhoni believes Sri Lanka are playing too much cricket and that it will hurt them in the long run

“One feels that with India being knocked out, Sri Lanka should be in the finals” Ranjit Fernando offers his views, although no one asked for it.

“India blah blah blah”, Blah blah blah India” ESPNCricinfo

“It’s a job with a lot of ups and downs. You always have to be prepared for duty on a moments notice”. Staff managing the Indian bag packing

“Sorry, we did the best we could” The The Law of Averages sends in their sincere apologies to the Indian team

“We always knew Dilshan had it in him to turn this side around and get us our first test series win down under” Sri Lanka Cricket, new regime but still clueless.



  1. Sujan said:

    Nice one Damith. Laughed a lot at midnight, made my mom think that her son has gone mad!

    March 4, 2012
  2. anony said:

    haha! Lol, i can’t stop lol! Man, awesome!

    March 4, 2012
  3. Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam said:

    It was great that Sri Lanka reached the final, but what I want Sri Lanka to focus is on Test Match cricket, the real form of the game, not One Day cricket, because it is not a true test between bat v ball, but just to bring spectators through the gates and for TV audiences. That’s all.

    March 5, 2012
  4. damiths said:

    Thanks guys

    Murali > Agree. I dont think the focus has ever been off test cricket. We just lack test match winning bowlers – a curse we had except during the Vass/ Murali era. The batting has always been there or thereabouts.

    The win in SA proves our commitment to winning test matches. I think with a home series coming up we have a good chance to get the test form to where it used to be. Particularly at home.

    March 9, 2012
  5. Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam said:

    I agree with your comments Damith in regard to Sri Lanka being competitive in South Africa. In fact, I must mention this to you that as a South Asian I felt extremely embarrassed with the performances of the Indian team this summer in Australia, because win or loose, a team in any sport, in this case cricket, must be at least competitive, because it was a totally lob sided contest with Australia in the Test Match series in all facets of the game, except when it came to giving excuses, which in my view was very disappointing indeed. At least we Sri Lankans do not do that, which is good, because if there is a problem or issues, one must face it and try and fix it, not give excuses or mention that it is a different matter when India play at home, because if a team wants to all them world class, they must win at home and away or at least start by trying to be competitive away from home, even if conditions, wickets wise id foreign to their players.

    March 9, 2012
  6. Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam said:

    It is good to see Sri Lanka beat England in the First Cricket Test Match of this current three Test Match series, being played at Sri Lanka. But till Sri Lanka win overseas away from home, they cannot to deemed world class, like all other international teams playing Test Match cricket, which in my view is the highest from of the game, even though some may think that the shorter limited over version of the game is better than Test Match cricket.
    I suppose, it is great to get favourable conditions for a home team to win in one’s backyard, so to speak, but what makes a quality cricket team, especially at Test Match cricket is wining away overseas on a consistent basis, apart from raking up the wins at home. This in my view is the real deal like the Weest Indian team of the early to mid 1980s. This in my view is what makes a really class team, even though the West Indies cricket team in the early and mid 1980s are a true exception, and one cannot expect teams like that to be got easily. It is an extreme rarity. That is for sure.

    April 1, 2012

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