SL v Bangl, day 1 at lunch

Although the fog cleared an hour into the first session, clearly the Sri Lankan openers and the umpires had shit in their eyes in that hour of play.

The Sri Lankan openers made their case by missing every straight ball bowled at them.

The umpires made their case by vigorously waving their heads for every decision that could have been given out.

And then nodded in favor of the one decision that was not out.

Only Nigel Long will know why its necessary to wear Sunglasses when the fog is clouding your view.

Vandort and Warnapura looked as solid as a dementia patient on an acid trip.

The Bangladeshi bowlers, bless them, came out knowing the conditions were on their side and kept the thing up to the bat, got swing and worried all the Sri Lankan batsmen.

Mortaza was particularly dangerous.

Sri Lanka should have been 27-5 in one hour.

Instead with the umpires help they got to lunch with a wicket down.

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