SL v Pak, day 3

Sri Lanka

Lost Warnapura on 0. Which wasn’t exactly the start you want when you are 50 behind. Warnapura’s run as a SL opener might be coming to an end. His last 5 innings total 12 runs. He has probably got enough credit to last out the series but if there are no big scores then its going to be a tricky time for him.

Apart from Paranavitana, Mathews and Samaraweera SL really didn’t do much. Mostly the top order mucked around and got done in by a 17 year old. Some days you make love to the pitch and some days you dry hump it. Today a left ‘Aamer’ cock blocked the middle order.

It was good if you were Pakistani, not so much if you were Sri Lankan.

160 is no where close to good enough, unless Mendis pulls out something special with the rest of the bowlers.

But how bad do you want Pakistan to be 100-6 tomorrow morning?


For two days the match was in the balance. Today Pakistan grabbed it by the back and anally stimulated it to their liking.

Aamer turned the game with 3 deliveries that would have given Wasim Akram a raging hard on.
Paranavitana got a screamer that left him. Sangakkara was caught on the walk, for the 2nd time. And Mahela edged it outside off like we all knew he would.

It was brilliant. And it’s hard not to think about Wasim when Aamer bowls like that. Pakistan keep finding these diamonds in the rough and hopefully, if he keeps away from the drugs and politics, he might be taking on the rest of the world for a good while.

Another important battle Pakistan won was when Saeed Ajmal picked up Samaraweera against the run of play. Ajmal looked harmless tell he got Samaraweera with a clever doosra which turned things around for him.

This is Pakistans game to win or loose. Knowing Pakistan you just never know.

Play of the day.
Rameez Raja spying on little kids in the crowd with his Binoculars. We just thought it was weird. Just really weird.

(Lack of)Balls of the day.
Umar Gul never left London. Or so it would seem. A week ago he was looking a million bucks. Now he cant seem to find a good length and some swing if his balls were on the line. While at the other end Aamer looks like he can do no wrong.

We really hope he didnt have a chat with Steve Harmison or something in England. Cuz that would be a real shame.


  1. Krish said:

    The key problem is that the main SL stars, Sangakkara, Mahela and Mendis, are not finding their groove. It is a close match and they need(ed) to fire.

    July 6, 2009
  2. sam said:

    Wud MJ ever be kicked out of the team for his vocal diarrohea and lack of runs when needed ? or is it he wud fire only when BDs are arnd ?

    Murali is being missed hugely. isnt it. if he was arnd 168 wud hv looked 468 and he feasts upon Pak 🙂

    July 7, 2009
  3. insideEdge said:

    Sanga – stop batting like your King Viv or Aravinda in the first 20 runs of your innings. Two daft dismissals but boy will he be hurting to lose his first test as captain.

    Warnapura – crooked bat gets Bowden’s crooked finger. I have it on good authority that he has shown no inclination to work on his technique before or after getting in to the test team. Nice guy to have a beer with but if he can’t be bothered to improve himself he’s not worth a place and doesn’t have Mahela’s talent to get away with it.

    Mahela – considering his response to you about the “off stump problem” he has no intention of working on it. Still has enough talent to average 50, probably will regret in retirement that he didn’t make the effort to get it closer to 60.

    Samaraweera – two starts and done in by two goodish balls. Still the fact he made it out to the middle was the real story and still looked to be carrying the form of last year. Also serves as a lesson to Warnapure and Mahela. He had huge problems with the off stump but WORKED ON IT. A clear message to the two idiots.

    Matthews – the guy is going to be a star if he doesn’t get carried away by the fame, money and girls. Looks solid with the bat and averages over 50 in first class cricket; brilliant in the field; great cricketing brain; bowls a lot of pies but slips in wicket taking balls and has made Younus Khan his rabbit. The guy makes things happen, Sri Lanka’s Freddie Flintoff hopefully without the pedalos and beer, already a better cricketing brain than Freddie will ever have. He needs to be kept in at the cost of Prasanna. Alternatively Prasanna can replace Warnapura as a walking wicket at the top of the order.

    Sam – what was MJ’s latest vocal diarrohea?

    July 7, 2009

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