The adventures of the mighty Zimbabweans and Jehans testi

Zimbabwe have been uber cool in the last couple of games.

They have made runs and gotten wickets.

You cant really ask for more than that from a cricket team.

They know no one gives them a chance, Sri Lanka knows it too.

This doesn’t worry them though. Which is good.
Free spirited and punching two divisions above their weight they have managed to worry all the Sri Lankan batsmen.

Hamilton Mazakadza knows how to handle the willow, get him some minor English league contract I say. Although he might end up playing for England.

Muripawa and Chigumbura have been troubling the Sri Lankans all tour long. Which begs the question.

How will SL play against the even Mightier Bangladeshis in a few weeks time.


The last Sri Lankan testi count had them at 17.

So thats one each for Udawatte, Tharanga, Kapu, Prasad and Mirando.

Mahela – 2

Sanga – 5
Murali – 5

Splendid – is not measured in mere moral testi counts. He is a superior being and will not be subject to trivial forms of measurements.

Did we mention he picked up a 6fer, it was quite brilliant. Looks like he still on track for the 25 wickets we predicted with a game to go.

He has 15 so far.

Back to testis, yesterday we saw witnessed the birth of a of peanut sized testi.

It takes a lot to come back from a scud missile like this.

That post was the rave of the town, all the cool kids were reading it.

Maybe the man himself read it, we certainly think so.

Yes, Jehan grew a testi. Not quite Sanath Jayasuriya sized but it was enough to beat the Zimbabweans.

Testis are important, without them you are nothing. People dont take you seriously.

Your team mates will shun you.

The problems with testis though, they aint permanent.

Once you grow a couple you gotta do well to keep em.


  1. Can you confirm the amount of testi in the England side – just so as we know…

    November 30, 2008
  2. Rat said:

    Mahela got 2 testis???? You HAVE to be kidding!!

    November 30, 2008
  3. damiths said:

    OTB> Its a tough ask, Ill get the experts on it.

    Early reports are there seem to be a distinct lack of testis within the England camp.

    Rat> You are right, He’s testis have been revoked.

    November 30, 2008

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