The end of the road for The MV ?

Yorkshire had been playing way too many 2020 matches for us to get a good gauge on Micheals ‘form’

So we were bursting at the bits when they were finally pulling on their whites for a 4-dayers against Sussex. With just over a Month to go for the Ashes this was a good time for The MV to get his name in the papers and into memos at the ECB.

Micheal had to get his shit together. He had to respond.

And so he did. So he did.

To the tune of a 4th ball duck.

Of course, a duck for Micheal is nothing new. But when you realise who dismissed him you will have a right old fit.

Brace your self gentlemen.

Corey. Wait for it.

Colly.Wait for it.

More. Wait for it.

Corey fucking Colleymore. I know what you are thinking.

‘holyfuckenshitcowpissmotherfuckenhell’. I know. The dude bowls at around 70centimeres per hour. He is so slow this dude could play him with his eyes closed.

So could he (or she)

And Vaughan gets out to him. That is just too much Micheal. Just too much.

I don’t know much about cricket, even though I blog about it and got published on once, but I do know that is not how you make an impression to get into the Ashes squad. At this point, Ravi Bopara, Owais, Bell and Rob Key would probably need to be killed by bouncers or by a strange man wearing a white gown with peculiar red marks that look like cricket balls.

Is THE MV’s dream all but over then ?

Stay tuned.

And as usual keep voting on the poll.


  1. Dave said:

    As long as the ECB favours past deeds over current form (see also: Harmison, Flintoff, Bell), the debate will never really be over. I’m not sure anything could end MV’s dream, not even death.

    Well, maybe joining the ICL.

    June 11, 2009
  2. He’s not playing for Yorkshire today either – knee injury. Could be all over for MPV quite soon….

    June 12, 2009
  3. Theena said:

    I have a feeling that he may be involved in the planning and strategic side of things. The English only give a shit about the Ashes and they’d go to any lenghths to win it again. And if they do, they’ll do the open bus tour shit again. Before fucking up every subsequent tournament/series. Again.

    Oh how I loathe English cricket.

    June 12, 2009
  4. damiths said:

    Dave> MV from Beyong the grave, sounds like an art piece he might do.

    The Old batsmen> Australia must be gutted.

    Theena> As long as England win the ashes, the rest of the cricket can go to hell as far as the poms are concerned, but they are in for some ‘hughes’ trouble by the looks of things.

    June 15, 2009

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