The genius of Nuski Mohammed

The SLPL seems like a neat idea. We wonder how much the whole thing might cost the SLC

“We are yet to estimate the cost. We are working out the budget,”

SLC’s treasurer Nuski Mohammed

Oh right. So I guess there is no point at all in asking if the SLC will make any sort of financial gain from…

“We are estimating a net profit of Rs. 250 million out of the SLPL’s first edition”.

SLC’s treasurer Nuski Mohammed

Oh. Oh Ok. Right. This makes it abundantly clear why we struggled with Business 101 a few years ago.


  1. Nushan said:

    SLC are trying hard to get the board on track by gaining some money by organizing this kind of tournament.This is a time when they need support of all us fans.If I were you I’d never make a joke out of these things.Yes the gain is small but it is only the beginning of a new era,Nishantha Ranathunga clearly said that.

    July 20, 2012
  2. damiths said:

    Nushan> Thanks for the comment.

    If you read some of my previous articles on the SLPL you’ll know that I am glad its come around and I know the financial gains it offers SLC. Here I was eluding to the fact that they’ve estimated a profit without apparently knowing what the cost is going to be. I’d like to know how they did that exactly. This isn’t meant to be a joke. I was trying to make a point. Which it appears you’ve maybe missed. Cheers for stopping by though.

    Here is a link to my thoughts on SLPL back in May – before any of this happened. I’d say I was pretty much dead on about what might happen

    July 20, 2012

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