The” K” factor of Lankan cricket

Sent in by Dilz

Cricket has given some special names a special place in history.The 3 Ws were the very famous ones to make the “name trend” popular and amazed the world with their magnificent performances.Then from Sri Lanka we had the “M” combo consisting of unorthodox freaks like Murali,Malinga and Mendis as well as Mathews.However the “K” factor has been the most decisive instance in Sri Lankan cricket as well and it has stepped in to the world cricket books as the most unique and the most influential “selected special ones”.

Don’t go too far.Its not Kumar Sangakkara or Kumar Dharmasena,I am referring to the famous surnames that start with the letter “K”.The hall of famers are the express terror Kulasekara,wonderboy Kapugedara and specialist Captain Kandamby.Lets start off with the former world no 1 ODI bowler Nuwan “ rocket” Kulasekara.You got to be impressed with this guy,he is a master of disguise.Do not be fooled by his 5 foot,50 Kilogram stature or his cheeky grin or his 70 miles per hour thunder bolts.He is a new age pacemen who is the leader of a pack consisting of Vinay Kumar,Praveen Kumar and Isuru Udana who do not rely on pace – these guys are much more than that.Andy Roberts once said that,he never smiled at batsmen and he was called “Hit man”.Well you are wrong Mr.Roberts,our Kula’s smile seduces batsmen and they fall to his trap and ultimately the guy gets the wickets.See,you don’t have to be a hitman and be such a snob not to smile at batsmen,wicket taking is a subtle art of deception and the master is Kulasekara.

Chamara Kapugedara is definitely THE wonder boy.I mean who on earth would even dare to hit Brett Lee out of the park at the age of 18,and actually  Brett and Ponting had to plead “Kapu” not to end a great career by blasting the poor guy on his home soil.Kapu ever the great gentleman fully agreed with it and since then the guy has been reluctant to murder bowlers.His talent is unmatched as he is equipped with a set of skills both on and off the field that makes him a true great,but geez you selectors why did you “rest” him after the World Cup final?We know that Kapu is a man for special occasions,who could ever forget that “six” he hit to beat India in the World cup T 20 game??Royal Challengers player Agarwal who hit a six off the last ball had sent Kapu flowers for his special practice session on how to deal in those final,peak,intense moments.Kapu is a special one and one wonders why the IPL teams coudnt grab him this time around  – well the answer is that his price is high plus Malinga and Gayle were worried that they would lose the status as the most “valuable T 20 players”.It is a conspiracy but do not be sad,we will have the privilege of witnessing this legend in the Hong Kong sixes.What an honor??

Last but not least – Kandamby,the man destined to be the captain of the team.I mean what is different in this guy from being an Arjuna clone?Both are rotund,both left handers,both bat at five,both were in the same school and both captained their teams.Kandamby earned his place as captain and won us a revenge t 20 game against England in England – how better can it get????The greatest debacle of them all – the guy is dropped from the team plus he is downgraded to a category 6 contract.


Well well this is Sri Lanka and it is the miracle of Asia but we should not let these heroes be ignored.Lets believe in them,support them and fight for the “K”s.By the way SLC should be named SLK – Sri Lanka Kricket.


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