The Krab did not make a Crab dish

Although that would have been friggin insane if he did.

We are of course talking about none other than the Krab Katich himself. Leader of the Blues, my current home state (LOL), one time finalist in the Champions League and Celebrity MasterChef.

Yes that’s right folks. When the Krab is not walking across his stumps to swat one past midwicket to the fence, he is in fact, in his kitchen, wearing a dodgy apron and cooking shit up on TV.

If you are Australian and its a Wednesday, there is nothing better on TV. I’m sure all you cool kids know about masterchef. If you dint, fuck you, you should watch it.

Of course, for those of you who dont know the Krab is handicapped. No, not because he seems to limp across the crease, but because the little fucker cant smell.

Now, I have been told by reliable sources, my mom, that a sense of smell is relatively important in the kitchen.

The Krab doesn’t have it. Which just makes him a really weird dude. But as with all things Krabby, he got the job done.

It even enticed cliche headlines across Australia.

Katich ‘clean bowls’ competition. Jesus.

They were in fact talking about the Krab getting into the semis of this thing. Fuck me it was brilliant. He made his signature dish which of course was some disappointing Salmon dish and a 10 layer crepe cake.

He has even mastered the art of being at two places at the same time. India and Australia. Is there nothing beyond this man?

All I know is it’s a good time to be the Krab.


  1. Chavie said:

    hahaha I loved this post! 😀

    October 23, 2009
  2. Som said:

    Any explanation for the growing tendency among the Oz cricketers to retreat into kitchen when not playing? Haydos, Pigeon and now Crap…Krab I meant.

    October 23, 2009
  3. damith said:

    Chavie> Im just glad it was not another comeback post.

    Som> I think it all has to do with these so called tough Aussies just being a bunch of girls at heart.

    CricketBats> For real. I think Channel 10, Wed 830.

    October 23, 2009
  4. Tony said:

    According to the person I hold hands with Katich killed the other two and really CAN cook.

    October 23, 2009
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