The Mahela Jayawardene Extravaganza

Fucken hell.

You cant hit the Pakistan v Sri Lanka link on Cricinfo without the headline being something to do with Mahela.

Are we playing a test series here or throwing a farewell rave for the soon to be ex.

We know Mahela is going to enjoy it. How ? Cuz he said so.

“I think I’m just going to enjoy it the way I’ve enjoyed the last three years”.  Convinced?

The team is going to give 100% for Mahela according to Tilan Samaraweera.

So does that mean they have been giving 77% or lets say 63% before, you know when we were getting our balls handed to us by the Indians.

Percentages always confused me so.

The focus shouldnt be on Mahela, rather on winning the series. The guys got nothing to loose, he’s giving up the captaincy and is still assured a spot in the team.

If I were the other players I’d be more worried about what my output is against Pakistan.

Our only solace is that this wont be one of those 5 test farewell parties they throw up over in Australia (I just realized I cant say that anymore).

The only man thankful for all this media attention on Sri Lankas commander and chief is Younis Khan, who is flying so low on the radar that he is literally under it.


  1. Q said:

    Game on Damith.. its a farewell party for ur skip and a welcome one for ours… shud be a good series..

    February 21, 2009
  2. insideEdge said:

    SL made more runs today than they’ve been making in two complete innings recently.

    Until he defended the last over Thilan had a strike rate of 87 today which is twice his career rate. Defending said over showed he learnt the lesson of Bangla and getting out in the last over.

    Sanga didn’t learn the Bangla lesson and got out in exactly the same fashion. The fact that it cost him a double hundered is punishment enough and he should learn his lesson.

    Mahela made a century but so long as he continues to sneer at questions regarding his fallibility outside off (and that 99% of batsmen suffer from it) he will continue to get raped outside off. Mahela suffers from that problem more than most and not correcting it could be worth 5 runs to his career average not to mention the fact he will always be considered a flat track bully.

    Paranavithana showed his qualification for a long term position as a SL opener by showing his weakness on off stump. Why the hell are all our openers Left Handed?

    Warnapura batted as if chasing Sanath’s ODI place but still shows no improvement in technique.

    Did anyone watch the post match interviews by Brown Sahib Edward Ranjith Fernando the Dumbass? He seemed shocked that Thilan was playing shots even though Dumbass has been comentating for the last year while Thilan has been playing like this. Full marks to Thilan for putting Dumbass in his place. For that response alone he deserves Man of Match.

    WTF is Dumbhara playing? Dudley Senanayake is not an elite school so it can’t be that. He is crap so it can’t be ability. He is a lazy braindead idiot so it can’t be effort or aptitude. Having seen his shred England with 6/27 I absolutely hate the guy for wasting such talent and poncing around with his faggot tinted hair and earings.

    February 21, 2009
  3. achettup said:

    I’ll tell you what, if Jayawardene responds with innings like this he deserves all the attention he has been getting. It looks like the captaincy has been a burden.

    February 21, 2009
  4. insideEdge said:

    His batting record in tests as captain is better than as non-captain. It is his captaincy post-Moody that has been rubbish.

    February 22, 2009
  5. damiths said:

    Q> game well and truly on there buddy ! looks like only we showed up !

    inside> a lot of hate and vile anger in that comment. i like it.

    i have no idea how fernando made the final xi after his shambolic performance in that 2020 game. and im sure just to fuck us over he will now go and pick up a 5fer, which is unlikely but thats how these things go dont they.

    i am also curious as to where are our right handed openers are?

    atch>it would seem so, but his test form has still been good even though his odi form has been shittier than babies diaper.

    February 22, 2009

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