The season so far

The Thunderdogs or the T’dogs that is.

Its been good. Quite interesting in fact.

We started the season pretty badly, it didn’t get any better in the next game.

The dogs were going to the dogs at one stage. We started to question why we were in grade 2 and whether we had the testis to make it. We pondered the meaning of life and why Ricky Ponting is the way he is.

Then just last week, something weird and wonderful happened. We started enjoying our cricket. That or we had resigned our selves to another loss which tend to take the pressure right off.

It wasnt the most convincing but we had a win under our belt. Which we followed up just this weekend with another.

We’ve had crap days and good days, but the worst of it seems to be over.  Which would probably mean we will now go and fuck up against the team at the bottom of the table next weekend.

We’ve lost a game on the last ball, argued over a run and sledged an Aussie cunt and had the wonderful experience of playing against another Sri Lankan who was part of an all aussie team. Needless to say he got an earful of the most wonderful retort. The poor bastard crumbled like an Indian pitch on day 1.

Its been a tough start but we are finally hitting out straps- How cliche.

But fuck it, its good to be playing cricket again.

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