Where to now?

I guess we all go through tough periods in our lives.  Some say they literally feel the weight of the world. We’ve wondered about that. And told those people you couldn’t possibly feel it literally. Then they begin to argue and we just end up conceding, although it pains us deeply because we know that they are wrong deep down. Recently we’ve been feeling that a change needed to happen in our lives. We pondered about it for months on end. A lot of the people that we generally engage with also felt the same.

Then it came. Suddenly. Overnight. Sort of  like that jerky moment you feel yourself fall in a dream. As soon as it arrived we weren’t sure if it were ready for it. There we were, ebbing and flowing in our minds about this very change, for months on end. Now that it was finally here, we still weren’t sure if it was right. It didn’t quite feel right. But we were glad it had come. As with a new house, we just told ourselves it needs time to settle.

Change, we believe can be the catalyst for an upturn in fortune.

Regretably, it could also be a reaction to a prolonged period of  misforture, which, given time and more perseverance could have turned a corner.

Either of these is still a possiblity. That is the beauty of not knowing the future.



  1. Climate Chameleon said:

    Cryptic, but clear. Frankly, I think we needed a break and a fresh start. A selection panel that continues to ignore Thilan while relying on Chamara Silva needs to be thrown out (if only to stop them from recalling the likes of Nuwan Zoysas and Jehan Mubaraks).

    Not sure how I feel about Marsh / Ford episode though.

    January 26, 2012
  2. damiths said:

    Marsh was very unlucky. Ford might make a difference and might bring some fresh ideas and hopefully better discipline. But of course the issue will always be how he will feel about the outside influences. Doubt he would have ever faced a situation like this before. And even by our standards this is the worst it has ever been. But he will enjoy the challenge.

    A fresh start is a good step forward.

    January 26, 2012

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