Work-Life-Cricket Balance

Has started to become a little bitch for us.

As you may, or may not have, noticed we have been pretty crap at being up to date around these parts.

We have struggled to strike a proper balance between work-life and cricket. If we had it our way it would only be cricket that would need the balancing.

It would probably revolve around Watching-Writing and Watching more cricket.

Its become apparent to us that Work is kind of important too. Unfortunately we are not lucky enough to be an umpire or something cool like a groundsman.

Although we have not being writing much about the cricket, we have in fact started playing quite a bit of it.

We have joined a proper team you see, and will be making an appearance in some grade cricket over the Australian summer. Which by all counts is going to be one motherfucker of a scorcher.

We will endeavor to write about this at length. Judging by early season fitness we will probably be getting more chances to write than to play.

There was in fact an incident, where yours truly felt his breakfast come up the wrong way after an incredibly torturous fielding drill.

Trying to live this down with the team has been rather tricky.

In the meantime, SL has been pretty hectic as they say here. Them Saffers got a little taste of the real Splendid Mendis didn’t they.

Here is hoping all of you are managing a good cricket-life balance.

We’d be interested to know how you manage this. So vote on our new poll !

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