Would you trust your money with this man?

Well would you.

If he gets this excited about getting a wicket. Imagine how radical he might get if he ends up with a lot of cash in hand.

Looks a wee bit wonky to us. Kinda like the South Africans.

It’s comforting to know that generations upon generations of proteas are/will choke in the big match.

Of course we are talking about the U19 WC. And the dude in this pic, is another one of those Left arm seamers SL has come up with.

Wijesinghe Mudiyanselage Charith Jayampathi would like to be a banker if he cant make it as a cricketer. Which is nothing new because all retired/ex-Sri Lankan cricketers somehow seem to end up at a bank or an insurance company. Weird I know.

But if he keeps choking Saffers and picking up wickets like he has been the only time he will be heading to the bank is to deposit his MoM cheques.

Watch this space for Jayampathi updates.

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  1. Rat said:

    Welcome back mate!

    Watch out for Banuka Rajapakse I say!!!

    January 25, 2010

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